Airsoft Guns

Airsoft Guns

Types of Airsoft Guns

Looking for high-quality airsoft guns? Then you've come to the right place. We carry a wide selection, ranging from electric rifles and handguns to spring airsoft guns and CO2 blowback; all field-tested. Since our inception in 2006, we've prided ourselves as one of the best airsoft websites with a fine collection of airsoft guns for sale!

Electric Airsoft Guns

Automatic Electric Rifles

Electric airsoft guns, also known as AEGs, are the most common type of airsoft rifle. Airsoft electric guns are battery powered and can usually be fired in semi-automatic or full auto mode. In most cases, AEGs will come with a rechargeable battery and a battery charger, and our high-end airsoft electric guns come with lipo batteries for the best possible performance.

A decent airsoft rifle will usually fire 0.20g BB pellets at a velocity of between 300 and 400 FPS, meaning they really pack a punch. We at Airsoft Station strongly recommend that when you purchase electric airsoft rifles you stick to those that have a full metal gearbox, as these are much more durable than their plastic counterparts. 

On most airsoft battlefields you'll notice that most pro airsofters have a preference for electric rifles, although electric airsoft pistols are also available.  

Low Powered Electric Airsoft Guns

Low powered electric guns, or LPEGs, are similar to automatic electric guns, but different in key ways. Both operate in a similar way–both are battery powered–but, as the name suggests, LPEGs are less powerful than AEGs, and therefore are usually more affordable. However, as their low power output makes them a lesser alternative to AEGs they are mainly suited for casual play, plinking, and target practice. 

Electric Blowback Airsoft Guns

For those looking for all the realism they can get, electric blowback airsoft guns are just the ticket. Electric blowbacks, otherwise known as EBBs, simulate the blowback action of a real-life firearm. EBBs are just as powerful as AEGs and are designed in essentially the same way–both are powered by rechargeable batteries–just with the added feature of blowback action. Some high end AEGs will include an electric blowback functionality to make for a more realistic operation.

There are two downsides to electric blowback weapons. Firstly, the feature will deplete the battery quicker than standard AEGs, meaning you’ll get less shots fired before needing to recharge. Secondly, the pressure of the blowback on the weapon can affect the weapon’s gear box, leading to a shorter lifespan overall.

Automatic electric pistols 

Automatic Electric Pistols, also known as AEPs, function similarly to AEGs but with a smaller gearbox and battery.  AEPs have their advantages and disadvantages. On the plus side they are easy to use and require very little maintenane aside from keeping the battery charged. On the downside they often don't pack the same punch as their gas or spring powered counterparts.

Another advantage is their full-automatic operation, giving you far more shots per minute than a spring-loaded or single-shot gas airsoft pistol. Another disadvantage is the battery and motor used to achieve this automatic firing usually takes up room in the handgrip, making for less space for a magazine. That means you can fire more shots per second but you’ll have to reload more quickly.

Gas Airsoft Guns

Gas-powered airsoft guns use compressed gas to propel the BB pellet down the barrel of the gun and at your opponent. At Airsoft Station, we carry both green gas and CO2 powered airsoft pistols and rifles. Green gas comes in larger bottles and is filled right into the magazine of your air soft gun while CO2 comes in smaller, 12-gram cartridges that are attached and discharged individually. The advantage of CO2 cartridges and green gas is that they are inexpensive, portable, and long-lasting, meaning your gas rifles will keep you in the fight and on your way to an airsoft win.

Gas-powered airsoft pistols tend to be the most popular gun in this category, but there are plenty of gas-powered airsoft rifles to choose from as well, all the way up to airsoft sniper rifles. If you're looking for more realism while playing airsoft, why not try out a co2 blowback airsoft gun. Blowback gives you the kick similar to a real-life firearm and is a common feature amongst our airsoft pistols, though you can also find blowback airsoft rifles if that suits your style of play. When it comes to adding an edge of realism in your airsoft moments, gas-powered airsoft guns are the way to go.

Gas Blowback Airsoft Guns

Gas blowback (or GBB) guns are the most common type of gas-powered airsoft guns. The blowback functionality gives you a kick every time you fire, making for a more realistic firing experience than spring-powered or standard electric airsoft guns. The blowback is achieved with the use of a gas canister, usually in the handle of the weapon. When the shooter pulls thr trigger gas is released, propelling the pellet, pushing the gun back and loading the next shot into the chamber. This makes GBB weapons capable of semi-automatic and full-automatic firing.

The first GBB airsoft weapons were powered by R-12, a liquid propellant and CFC gas generally used in car air conditioning and refrigerators as a cooling agent. Once CFCs were discovered to cause severe damage to the Earth’s ozone layer and became banned substances, gas airsoft guns stopped using R-12 and converted to safer gasses. Modern GBB weapons tend to use “green gas”, a product of propane, or CO2, although some can use nitrogen or high-pressure air. Due to the potential danger of compressed gas there are stricter regulations and more care responsibilities associated with gas-powered pistols compared to electric weapons, making them less popular than AEGs and other electric-powered weapons.

Most GBB airsoft weapons are smaller firearms, such as pistols. This is because the mechanisms needed to power AEGs can only be so small, and therefore take up space in smaller firearms. Gas canisters are small enough to fit into the handgrip of a pistol without taking away room from the magazine. That being said, GBB weapons come in all shapes and sizes, from submachine guns to sniper rifles. 

Another unique application of GBB technology is in airsoft grenades. Airsoft grenades come in two main forms: projectile and throwable. Projectile grenades are fired from a grenade launcher and are fitted with an internal piston filled with gas. When the pressure is discharged, the grenade is projected downrange, usually along with a series of BBs. Throwable grenades also use a gas piston, but this time connected to a timer and seated beneath a pocket of BBs or colored powder. When the timer goes off the gas is discharged and the projectiles are distributed.

High Pressure Air (HPA) Systems

Gas-power in airsoft weapons generally takes on one of two forms. The most well-known is probably the internal gas canisters, which fit into the body of the weapon and have to be recharged after use. The second method is high pressure air, also known as HPA, which relies on an external air supply, such as a high-pressure air tank, connected to the airsoft weapon through a hose. The high-pressure air drives a pneumatic motor in the airsoft gun, an “engine” similar to the electric mechanism that powers an electric airsoft weapon.

With HPA, airsoft players can take advantage of much larger gas canisters, meaning they can fire many more rounds before running out of gas and having to refill. HPA systems even allow players to vary the pressure of each shot, allowing for adjustable rates of fire and power. Of course, the downside of having a large external gas canister is they are less portable than small, internal gas canisters, making them less convenient for traversing a lot of terrain.


If you're a pro airsofter looking for more realism in your games, you've come to the right shop. Many of our competitive airsoft guns, like the airsoft USAS, are based on real-life weapons. Packing a little more punch than your regular gamers airsoft, these mil-sim airsoft guns (short for military simulation) are crafted to perfection for unbelievable airsoft gameplay. 

If you're an airsoft sniper, take a look at our upgraded airsoft sniper rifles to deliver serious firepower, or if you're a bit more rough and ready and looking for something like an AN 94 airsoft replica, we have some awesome airsoft guns to help you get into the thick of things. You'll soon be pro airsofting on a whole other level, and well on your way to airsoft wins.

Airsoft Training Weapons 

Milsim weapons have developed to such a level that some are actually being used by military organizations for training. Now, it is worth mentioning that these aren’t your regular air soft guns that you can buy from your local retailer or airsoft shop. Airsoft manufacturer Systema Engineering (PTW) developed a line of airsoft weapons and accessories made from aircraft-grade aluminum and stainless steel, designed to provide the most realistic handling and aesthetic possible. The realism isn’t just about shooting: the quality of the materials allows for the similar stability, weather proofing and maintenance as real life firearms. In this vein, King Arms and KWA produced gas-blowback AR15 replicas that could be broken down, manipulated and modified like their real world counterparts.

You should know that these training weapons aren’t not available to the public through any airsoft websites, and their application in the military is very restricted. The Systema Engineering weapons tended to operate unreliably and need replacement parts, which were not often available. Furthermore, some of the models were banned after it became clear that they could be modified to take live ammunition.


The world of airsoft guns is always growing. From the first spring-powered airsoft pistols to mil-sim gas blowback assault rifles, technology has moved quickly to keep up with interest, making airsoft an increasingly popular pastime and competitive team sport.

Airsoft guns have traditionally been used for recreation: simulated battles between individuals or teams. Typically, two or more teams face off against each other on a specially designed airsoft field. When a player is hit they are out, and the last team standing wins. Skirmishes have been organized across the world, with hundreds and, on some occasions, thousands of airsoft amateurs and professionals fighting for trophies, prize money, or plain old glory. Airsoft gun owners are encouraged to join their local accredited airsoft association in order to participate in official games at a registered airsoft field.

Airsoft matches can take on a variety of forms and themes, so no two matches are unique. Most games will simulate real-life combat situations by using realistic terrain, equipment and even uniforms, putting the player right into the heat of the battlezone. Many airsoft associations also host historical reenactments of famous battles from history, using period-specific weaponry and clothing. Some of these battles are so realistic that the airsoft guns involved are used as props in film making. 

In fact, some airsoft guns are so realistic they are used in tactical training by US military organizations. In combining airsoft weaponry that looks, feels and operates like the real thing, with realistic gas blowback technology, US federal and state institutions have repurposed airsoft technology as an affordable, reliable and safe way to prepare troops for combat. In 2018, the US Coast Guard adopted the SIG-branded P229 airsoft pistol to be used in training, and the US Army has been exploring the use of airsoft weapons in Field Training Exercises since 2009. That means you’re not just playing pretend when you use a gas-blowback pistol!

What is Airsoft?

Airsoft is a dynamic and engaging shooting sport. Here players combat under a simulated environment as a team to eliminate the opposing team. Participants strategically manoeuvre around custom-designed fields with airsoft guns. These airsoft guns are replicas of real firearms with 6mm plastic bbs. The BBs deliver a non-lethal sting upon impact and prepare players with tactile feedback without causing significant injury. However, it is crucial to wear proper eye protection during the practice.

 Interestingly, the application of Airsoft goes beyond recreational purposes. As these guns create realistic simulations, it aids military and law enforcement training. Soldiers get the chance to hone their tactical and decision-making skills in controlled environments. Airsoft guns are also used in theatrical action scenes to enhance the visual appeal and add realism into action scenes.


Airsoft guns provide better accuracy than a common alternative; the paintball gun. Because Airsoft bbs are smaller than paintball pellets, they experience less wind resistance, resulting in better accuracy. Airsoft is generally thought of as being more tactical in nature, whereas. Paintball is sometimes considered to be more run-and-gun.

As compared to paintball, Airsoft offers a wider variety of game modes and scenarios. For instance, Airsofts are ideal for close-quarter battlefields to mimic CQB (Close Quarters Battle) situations. You can also use airsoft guns to practise expansive outdoor fields replicating military operations. Additionally, the tools you need for entry-level airsoft are less expensive compared to paintball. You can easily manage the budget by going for cheap airsoft guns from reputed sources. That’s why airsoft guns are highly sought-after amongst a broader range of player preferences and skill levels.


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