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Pouches are essential for carrying extra gear including spare magazines, radios, tools, speed loaders, and many other things. Airsoft Station carries a huge assortment of pouches from makers such as Condor, LBX, Valken, and more. Our prices are some of the best that you will find online for all of the highest quality airsoft gear!

Our assortment of tactical pouches attach easily and securely to all MOLLE gear.  MOLLE webbing can be found on most tactical vests and other military equipment.  To attach a MOLLE pouch to your tactical gear, simply thread the straps through and then fasten it securely.  The most commonly used pouches in airsoft are magazine pouches, dump pouches, and utility pouches.  Magazine pouches are made to fit specific types of magazines and offer easy access when reloading.  Dump pouches provide a quick access position for discarding empty magazines that will be reloaded later.  Utility pouches can be used for bulk ammo or whatever else the player may need on the airsoft field.  Most MOLLE vests and plate carriers have room for many different pouches allowing you to customize your loadout to best suit your needs.

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