Grenades, Launchers, and Claymores

Grenades, Launchers, and Claymores

Grenades, Launchers, and Claymores

Airsoft Grenades, Launchers, and Claymores

If you want to spice up your Airsoft skirmishes and target practice with some airsoft accessories, then shopping for some grenades, launchers or claymores is a must! You will find that our quality products are the gold standard in this category and they offer quality and reliability that you can count on. Our selection of grenades and claymores is expansive and you can invest in a gas launcher that will be reusable and hold up to many hours of shooting and skirmishing.

The sound and excitement of projectiles can add a great amount of enjoyment to your Airsoft experience. Our quality products will hold up to lots of use and the pricing on our site can't be beaten. if you want to convert your property into a superior site for Airsoft and paintball fun, adding a grenade launcher or some claymores can make a big difference to your overall Airsoft firearm experience. Your backyard will feel like a fancy venue when you add some grenades and claymores to the mix.

We know that many Airsoft companies only sell pistols, rifles, and other airsoft guns. We make sure that you can use other kinds of ammunition and devices to add to the enjoyment of your target practice and outdoor fun. You can even get targets and dummies from our site. If you have tried to make your own launcher, now is the time to upgrade to a quality one that will work with all kinds of ammo.

Always make sure to use proper eye, face, and body protection when you are using grenades, launchers, and claymores in your Airsoft bouts. Add some goggles or a face mask to your order and you will be able to enjoy hours of fun skirmishing without risk of injury. This is important if you are only using firearms during your bouts, but it is even more necessary if you want to add projectiles to your fun.

Investing in the right tools with the right tech, from safety jackets, skull caps, and vests to goggles and visors can add a sense of authenticity to your skirmishes and even your target shooting. You can even invest in a utility backpack for your projectiles that can make it possible to carry your ammo and your radio receivers with you during a bout. Buy knee or elbow pads, gloves, or even combat uniforms for added realistic fun. Custom items always add a level of fun that cannot be found with generic items that are sold anywhere.

Check out our FAQ if you are concerned about safety regulations or legal considerations for the use of these items in your state. Whether you are from California or Arizona, or somewhere else in the United States, you should verify the legal requirements for the use of Airsoft grenades, launchers, and claymores before you buy your set up. Sometimes the regulations related to these devices can be different than those that are in place for Airsoft guns.