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NiMH Batteries

Airsoft Station carries a variety of batteries for your airsoft gun. There are three important things to note when selecting a battery. First: Plug Type - The plug type determines how the battery will connect to your gun. There are three major types of plugs on the market today: Small Type Tamiya, Large Type Tamiya, and Deans.

  • Small Type Tamiya Plugs are the most common plugs on AEGs and batteries today. They provide a solid connection between battery and AEG as well as have a retention clip that keeps them connected. It is smaller than the large type tamiya plug for purposes of saving space.
  • Large Type Tamiya - These plugs are common for large capacity batteries and guns with full stocks. Large type tamiya plugs are common but not limited to G3, Thompsons, a small subset of M16s, full stock MP5s, and some other guns.
  • Deans - These are popular choices among veteran airsoft players for a variety of reasons. They offer the best battery to gun connection and in some cases can actually increase the rate of fire slightly on some AEGs. Very few guns some with Deans plugs standard and are often an aftermarket upgrade. Airsoft Station also provides Deans Plug conversions for all of our batteries as well as guns through our full service tech shop.

The second consideration is voltage. The higher the voltage the battery has, the higher the rate of fire for your AEG. Most guns can operate with either 8.4v or 9.6v batteries. 9.6v batteries will maximize the rate of fire on most AEGs. The third consideration is capacity. Capacity of the battery is determined by the mAh rating, or milliAmp hours. The higher the mAh rating, the longer the battery will last before it requires recharging. A general estimation for how long a battery will last is roughly 2 BBs per mAh, thus a 1200mAh battery should allow your AEG to shoot approximately 2400 BBs before having to recharge.

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