Electric Airsoft Pistols

Electric Airsoft Pistols

Airsoft electric pistols, or AEPs, are one of the most cost-effective ways to get the power of an automatic airsoft weapon in your hands. Electric guns are your best option for speed and power on the airsoft field, and an airsoft electric pistol is a great way to gain an advantage at a reduced price. While airsoft assault rifles are the go-to for most expert airsofters, they’ll probably point out that an AEP pistol will always help you in a pinch.

At Airsoft Station we have a great selection of airsoft pistols that are an affordable choice for anyone who is looking for a great gun at a great price. The Lancer Tactical 1911 is a top choice for amateur and expert airsofters alike and is fully skirmish ready with a rechargeable NiMH battery and portable charging pack. The metal body slide and realistic gun magazine give you the simulation of a real gun with the safety of an airsoft AEP pistol.

These airsoft guns are powered by a replaceable or rechargeable NiMH or lipo battery which also adds to their cost-effectiveness. Take a look at our airsoft gun accessories like red dot sights to turn your electric pistol into a powerful custom gun.

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