Electric Airsoft Rifles

Electric Airsoft Rifles

Electric Airsoft Rifles

Electric airsoft rifles, also known as AEGs, are airsoft guns that are powered by a battery pack. Most electric rifles have both automatic and semi automatic firing modes. They are the most commonly used type of airsoft gun by airsoft players due to their realism, power, and easy maintenance.

Electric rifles are powerful right out of the box, but even so it is common for players to modify and upgrade them to meet their needs. The fact that most manufacturers use standardized parts means that there is a wide variety of upgrades available. If you are looking for an airsoft gun that is ready to go right out of the box an electric rifle is a great choice.

What is an Airsoft Rifle?

Airsoft Rifles are usually replicas of real firearms that shoot 6mm plastic BBs instead of real bullets.  They are used for training, target practice, and skirmishing.  Airsoft rifles can be very realistic and are a lot of fun to shoot.  There is a huge variety of airsoft rifles using several different power sources.  Many are fully automatic and can hit targets at long distances.

M4 Airsoft Rifles

The most popular and most common type of airsoft rifle is based on the famous M4 platform.  The M4 platform is highly standardized allowing many different configurations to be used.  The adaptability and customizability of M4 rifles is what makes them so popular, in both real steel and airsoft variants.  A wide variety of rail systems, stocks, and handguards are available or come standard with each model.  This allows easy installation of accessories such as flashlights, lasers, scopes, red dot sights, tactical grips, and more.  Magazines and batteries are usually also cross compatible across similar M4 variants.  

AK Airsoft Rifles

The AK-47 and other AK variants have been around since the mid-1900s and are still used today.  The AK line of rifles has always been known for its reliability and firepower.  Airsoft versions of the famous rifles share many of the traits that have made their real steel counterparts famous over the years.  Airsoft manufacturers are producing replicas of the original AK-47 as well as new and futuristic variations that incorporate many of the advancements in firearms that have been developed over the years.  AK airsoft rifles are known to be reliable and accurate and are a favorite of many airsoft players worldwide.

Types of Airsoft Rifles

There are other types of airsoft rifles in addition to electrics.

Spring Airsoft Rifles

Spring airsoft rifles are manually powered and require a spring to be cocked back before each shot is fired.  Most of the high-end spring powered rifles are modeled after sniper rifles.  The powerful spring allows them to shoot harder and farther than most electric rifles.  The drawback is that the rate of fire is drastically reduced.  There are also many spring powered airsoft guns that are made to be budget friendlly thus making them a good chocie for beginners who are not ready to play in serious skirmishes.

Gas Airsoft Rifles

Gas powered airsoft rifles use compressed gas, usually green gas or CO2, as a power source.  This means that there are usually no electrical components in the guns, and as such they are generally more realistic when fired than electrics.  Gas airsoft rifles are high end replicas of real firearms that are made for players who are are looking for the most realistic airsoft weapons.  This also makes them great options as training tools.  They are often used by military and law enforcement agencies for training simulations.

HPA Airsoft Rifles

HPA stands for High Pressure Air and refers to the air that is used to propel the BBs in this type of rifle.  This is a separate category from gas airsoft rifles because of the system used for gas delivery.  In gas airsoft rifles the propellant is housed within the rifle or the magazine and does not require any additional equipment.  HPA guns, however, require a separate air tank that is either separate from the gun and connected with an air hose, or built into the gun as an additional part.  HPA delivers a high level of performance and the fire control units available for HPA rifles make them incredibly versatile and a formidable force on the airsoft field.  Due to the technical nature and cost of HPA rifles they are usually only used by experienced players.

Airsoft Shotguns

Although they are not technically classified as rifles, airsoft shotguns could be considered to the in the same category as airsoft rifles since they are in the same size category.  Airsoft shotguns are usually spring or gas powered and shoot a cluster of BBs when fired.  This makes them popular for close quarters games.  They usually function just like real shotguns with a pump action grip that load each shell before the gun is fired.