Airsoft Guns

Airsoft Guns

You've come to the right place to find everything you need when it comes to airsoft guns and airsoft accessories. We have every type of airsoft gun to meet any type of budget. When it comes to our primary stock, we carry the three main categories you'll find on most airsoft fields -- electric powered airsoft guns, gas powered airsoft guns, and spring powered airsoft guns. We also carry a massive range of tactical gear and accessories. No matter what type of loadout you're searching for, we'll help you every step of the way. If you're a beginner we'll make sure you walk away with the perfect starter kit to ensure your victory on the airsoft field.


AEGs AKA electric guns are the most common type of airsoft rifle. AEGs are battery powered and can usually be fired in semi or full auto mode. In most cases, AEGs will come with a rechargeable battery and a battery charger (for high-end AEGs, lipo batteries for best performance). A decent airsoft AEG rifle will usually fire at a velocity between 300 and 400 FPS with 0.20g BBs. We strongly recommend that when you purchase an AEG rifle that you get one that has a full metal gearbox because they are much more durable than their plastic counterparts. You'll notice that most players have a preference for electric airsoft rifles. However, you can also use an electric pistol. While not as common as battery powered rifles, electric pistols are still a viable option especially if you're just starting out. No matter what type of AEG you're looking for we should have exactly what you need.


Gas powered airsoft guns use compressed gas to propel the BB down the barrel of the gun. At Airsoft Station, we carry both green gas and CO2 powered airsoft guns. Green gas comes in bottles and is filled right into the magazine while CO2 comes in smaller, 12-gram cartridges. CO2 cartridges and green gas are inexpensive and will keep your gas powered guns in the fight for a significant amount of time. Gas powered pistols tend to be the most popular gun in this category, but there are plenty of gas powered airsoft guns to choose from. If you're looking for more realism try out a gas blowback airsoft gun. This is a feature most prominent in our pistols, but you can also use a blowback rifle if you so desire. When it comes to adding an edge of realism to your airsoft game gas powered airsoft guns are the way to go.


Spring powered airsoft guns use a simple cock and shoot mechanism which is easy to operate. The user just pulls back the slide (for pistols), or manipulates a bolt action (for rifles) before each shot. Spring-powered guns are popular because they are relatively inexpensive and do not require batteries or gas to operate. Ultimately, spring powered airsoft guns provide the most cost effective option. With that being said, there are also many powerful spring powered airsoft guns such as airsoft sniper rifles. If you're using a high-end spring sniper the enemy will definitely know when they've been hit. It doesn't matter if you're using a spring pistol or if you have a preference for spring rifles we have exactly what you need to get started. Spring airsoft guns are the perfect choice for those who don't want to worry about their airsoft gun running out of juice during a crucial moment in an airsoft battle.  The trade off is that spring powered airsoft guns have a much lower rate of fire than their semi-auto and full auto gas and electric counterparts.

Airsoft Grenades, launchers and claymores

Sometimes you may need more than just your airsoft gun to get you out of a jam. That's where airsoft grenades, launchers, and claymores come into the picture. These are the perfect options for clearing out large groups of enemies in a single go. There's nothing more satisfying than getting multiple kills with a well-placed grenade toss! If you want to be especially effective, try our airsoft grenade launchers. Grenade launchers are perfect for scoring multiple kills and turning the tide of battle in your team's favor.


Of course, it wouldn't be quite right if you walked out onto an airsoft field without the proper accessories to give you an edge. From flash hiders to mounts to lubrication we know what you need to make you truly effective on the field of battle. We also offer a variety of scopes such as red dots and full sized rifle scopes. You can also find pistol magazines as well as rifle magazines.

Tactical Gear

Our tactical gear isn't just functional -- it also gives you the look of an official operator. Our tactical gear includes chest rigs, plate carriers, holsters, pouches and much more. If you need something sturdy to hold your gun(s) airsoft gun bags and cases are exactly what you need to get the job done.


Using the right type of BB for your gun is absolutely essential to play your best. Unsure of what BB to use for your airsoft gun? These guidelines should help you out. Airsoft BBs come in a variety of weights that range from 0.12g to 0.43g. We also have biodegradable BBs, useful for fields who desire to lessen the impact airsoft battles can have on the environment.