Tokyo Marui

Tokyo Marui

Is Tokyo Marui good?

Tokyo Marui is the best brand in airsoft that has continued to amaze its users with major breakthroughs and technological innovations. It offers excellent accuracy due to having an amazing hop-up unit and hop-up bucking. You will get superior materials and precision fittings that aid in its accuracy and make it unmatchable by other brands in the same price category. As it’s a completely made-in-Japan model, users find all Tokyo Marui airsoft guns highly reliable and high on desired performance metrics.

What are the different types of Tokyo Marui airsoft guns available?

Here are some top-selling Tokyo Marui airsoft guns available on our airsoft website.

Tokyo Marui Spring Pistol

Tokyo Marui offers you the best-performing spring pistols powered by their passion for adding realism, even on their cheap airsoft guns. Though all Tokyo Marui spring pistols are fully plastic, they look real and worth your every penny for offering good power and range. They have a light design which aids your performance during shooting. You need to cock the slide every time before shooting.

Tokyo Marui EBB Pistol

If you want to avoid cock slides before shooting, their Electric Blowback Pistols will impress you with their semi-auto shooting. A small battery-powered gearbox is there inside the pistol grip to wind up the spring and shoot each time you pull the trigger. That saves you from unwanted cock slides. These low-power EBB pistols will cost you less than spring pistols.

Tokyo Marui Automatic Electric Pistol (AEP)

This electric pistol minimizes the AEG gearbox concept. They are cheap electric guns and come in low power ranges. You can check our online store to see different electric airsoft guns available for your requirements.

Tokyo Marui Non Blowback Pistol (NBB)

The NBB models come with a fixed slide that does not cycle. They offer greater gas efficiency, operate quietly, and promise more power and accuracy. If you want stealth, high power, and amazing range, NBB models would be your ideal bet.

Apart from that, we also feature other Tokyo Marui models, such as Gas Blowback Pistol, revolvers, Automatic Electric Guns, Gas Blowback Rifle, and more.

How much do Tokyo Marui Airsoft guns cost?

If you’re going for Tokyo Marui spring and electric airsoft guns, the price will start below $50. If you can increase your budget to above the $100 mark, you will have a wide range of gas blowback pistols. If you’re looking for good airsoft rifles, the price will start at $160 onwards. For a gas blowback rifle, you may have to spend above $500.

No matter what your budget is, as one of the best airsoft websites, we have a range of Tokyo Marui airsoft guns for you. Our airsoft shop features original Tokyo Marui airsoft guns for sale, especially electric rifles, gas pistols, and spring-powered snipers. Browse our airsoft collections and use filters to find the ideal Tokyo Marui airsoft gun as per your requirements.