Top Tactical Gear Picks for an Airsoft Milsim

Top Tactical Gear Picks for an Airsoft Milsim

Top Tactical Gear Picks for an Airsoft Milsim

Protective GearBefore you consider entering a Milsim game, it is essential for you to have your load out in order. While street clothes and limited gear is acceptable for a local pick-up game, players in a Milsim game should outfit themselves closer to the way active military personnel does. While you are choosing your airsoft gear, keep in mind the type of Milsim in which you will be participating. Factors like your team, your role on the team, the weather, the terrain, and the length of the event, all affect the applicability of the following recommendations.


Most Milsim teams have their own rules about what kind of uniform you should wear. Within those guidelines, choose something durable, comfortable, and clean. Participating in Milsim events in dirty, sweaty clothes gets uncomfortable quickly.

The Valken V-Tac Series Kilo Combat Shirt and Pants are built for high speeds and high intensity. They are made from a durable cotton and polyester material that is moisture-wicking and rip-stopping. They also come in a variety of camo patterns for different environments, so whether your event will take place in a coniferous forest type area, a dessert, or a scrubland, you will blend in well. The number of options also makes it more likely that this uniform will fit your team's guidelines.

Be extra careful about choosing boots. The boots you wear can make or break the event. The Altai 8" Laced Waterproof Superfabric Mesh Tactical Boots are one of the bestselling tactical boots. They feature an 8" ankle for support, stability, and extra protection from mud and water. The Superfabric upper top sole is stain and abrasion resistant as well as lightweight and flexible. The Altai design ensures that there is no break-in period; they are comfortable right away. The Vibram outsole boasts anti-clogging lugs to prevent mud and rocks from getting stuck in the sole, keeping them looking new. The boots will not come untied accidentally due to sausage link laces and a Speed Lacing System. These boots are weatherproof, instantly comfortable, and durable.

Load-Bearing Equipment

When preparing for a Milsim event, select your load-bearing equipment carefully. The right gear can increase your carrying capacity and add a layer of protection. The wrong material can just be a hindrance.

The UTG Airsoft Deluxe Tactical Vest is one of the most popular options for carrying one's kit. This tactical mesh vest is perfect for new and experienced airsoft players who want to bring a wide variety of gear. The base is made of mesh, making it lighter and cooler than most vests. There are adjustment straps around the waist and on the shoulders to accommodate multiple body types. It includes a triple pistol magazine pouch that can also carry other small accessories, a smaller utility pouch on the left shoulder, and a large utility pouch with shotgun shell retainers. The three large magazine pouches can carry anything from an Ak style mag to an M4. In order to prevent a airsoft rifle stock from slipping, the right shoulder is padded and rubberized. It also includes a removable universal pistol holder on the left side, fixed with velcro. This holster can be swapped out for a two magazine pouch panel. Next to the holster is another magazine pouch. There are D-rings on the shoulders to attach slings and other items, and a removable battle belt with two more magazine pouches.

If you would prefer a plate carrier, try the Lancer Tactical CA 301 BN Plate Carrier Vest. It's fully adjustable, made of durable polyester, and has padded quick release shoulder straps. The triple MOLLE magazine pouch can hold up to six mags. It also includes a MOLLE utility pouch with front and back PALS webbing and a MOLLE admin pouch with two velcro panels and a tactical pouch.

Keep in mind, if you're debating between a more and a less complicated option, you should probably go with the more straightforward option. You will be more likely to regret taking too much stuff and lugging it around the whole event than not taking enough.

Protective Gear

Protective GearProtective gear is vital, especially during Milsim events. Goggles or a full facemask is mandatory, and you'll probably want gloves, elbow pads, and kneepads as well, you'll be more comfortable in the end.

The Annex MI-5 Airsoft Mask is a favorite full face mask among airsoft players. It features Dual-layer foam for comfort and protection, as well as Anti-fog and Hard coat lens treatments to prevent fogging and scratching. There is a Quick Change lens release system and a sculpted visor for ball deflection. If you don't want a full helmet, the Lancer Tactical safety goggles are a good option. They're basic while still providing adequate coverage. For hand protection, the V-Tac full finger gloves feature padded mesh fabric for security and comfort. The DPC Knee and Elbow Pads for Airsoft are an excellent choice for additional protection. You may not think you need them, but you will definitely be more comfortable as the Milsim event progresses if you have extra protection. Make sure that your knee pads, and especially your gloves, fit snug, or it will be painful later.

Hydration Packs and Backpacks

Dehydration is a real threat during Milsim events. You want a way to carry enough water to get you through without impeding your movement.

The Lancer Tactical Lightweight Hydration pack is one of the best selling hydration options. It's made of durable 600D polyester, features adjustable shoulder straps, and includes an extra storage pouch.

If you would like to carry more than just water, consider the Lancer Tactical Shoulder Go Pack Bag. It's made from durable polyester and includes three utility pouches and a 2.5-liter bladder pocket.


Beginning Milsim players, and even more experienced players, often find carrying sidearms unnecessary. They require you to have extra equipment and carry extra mags. However, if you elect to take a sidearm, choose the right holster. A holster should make it easy for you to grab your weapon without impeding your movement or causing you to drop your airsoft guns.

The Leapers Elite Tactical Leg Holster is a highly rated option. The outside is coated PVC while the inside has a soft lining to protect your gun. The tactical design ensures the weapon is always in the ready position. It includes velcro straps for leg adjustments as well as a quick release buckle system. It's perfect for medium to large frame autos.

If you would prefer a belt holster over a leg holster, which tends to be better if you will be driving, consider the Leapers Deluxe Commando Belt Holster. The materials and design were chosen for maximum protection and comfort. It features a quality release buckle and an adjustable belt keeper. It's perfect for most medium sized pistols.


Some Milsim events have strict guidelines on the kind of technology you can bring, but recently, more teams are making use of a limited number of devices. Some things you might want to consider investing in are a GPS, radio and/or comm equipment, and be sure to bring airsoft batteries.


Sometimes it's easy to forget the little things. Don't forget to bring snacks, a map of the area, a compass, a notepad and pens, a mirror (for looking around corners) a flashlight, a medic pouch, spare clothing, and probably a multitool. Don't leave out the basics while you are packing up the fancy stuff.

Milsim events tend to be more intense than the average pick-up game, so you have to make sure you are prepared. However, if you outfit yourself with quality gear, even weekend-long events should be no problem. These recommendations should give you a good start.

Featured Image Credit: MickeyLT / Pixabay