Lancer Tactical AEGs

Lancer Tactical AEGs

Lancer Tactical AEGs

Lancer Tactical AEGs


There is no better Automatic Electric Gun (AEG) on the market if you're after reliability and affordability. The tactical has every feature covered. One of the more popular models on the market this Lancer tactical is a great gun because you can add accessories to your purchase and pick from many rifle styles including gas-powered and spring-powered models. The Lancer tactical airguns are meant specifically for sports play and are offers a wide range of tactical gear and non-lethal products for shooting.

High-quality manufacturing produces products to the exact specifications the company demands using high-quality materials with realistic weight behind every time you fire. On our website you'll find one of the best retail sites to shop for Lancer Tactical products and weapons at an affordable price. Feel free to browse and research the various features then turn to our experts to help you complete your dream kit. Don't forget our excellent quality nylon straps and carrying bags to keep all of your accessories organized.

Lancer Tactical Airsoft Guns operates out of Southern California and is consistently one of the leading makers of replica metal rifles and pistols including the unique Lancer sniper rifle. These tactical rifles are weighted for the best performance in skirmishes. They boast superior performance and accuracy all in a unique package. This is a quality Airsoft gun that is made with superior materials and polished finishes. If you want to shop through a quality selection of Airsoft gun models from a top maker, you will want to look through our Lancer Tactical Airsoft guns from the Riverside Company.

Airsoft guns with excellent optics are our standard. The Lancer Tactical models are second to none. This gun is built to give you the perfect balance. It's an excellent starting place to build on your collection of sniper rifles or handguns. Whether playing military skirmishes or law enforcement shooting games this rifle is reliable and fun to fire. You can buy with confidence knowing the Lancer Tactical offers reliability and quality replica shooting. Its solid construction gives players quality action and performance.

Always make sure you're playing it safe. Add safety goggles and a safety vest to your order made from quality materials. has everything you need. Remember, protection is a big part of safe shooting. You'll be able to enjoy your Airsoft gun shooting experience even more with the peace of mind you're protected.

This Lancer is one of the best guns to invest in for practicing target shooting. We provide all the specs so you know where you stand when it comes to your rights and any legal regulations of owning and firing Airsoft weapons.

Always make sure to have the proper gun storage in place on your property for security and you will be all set to enjoy your Lancer products and accessories.

Lancer replica rifles and pistols give you the real-life feel and experience of handling a firearm in the field.

The ProLine series features a full metal barrel assembly, a full metal handguard, upper and lower receivers, and a CNC machined buffer tube. CNC machined aluminum construction gives you a lightweight reinforced durability feature. Plus a realistic feel and a classic design. The ProLine series is upgraded with reliable and responsive internals, making it a must-have for airsoft M4 users and enthusiasts! 

Lancer Tactical's mission since 2012 has been to build high-grade, budget-friendly airsoft products. We'll help you find something to match any budget and play style. Lancer Tactical provides a wide variety of Automatic Electric Guns (AEG) constructed from durable polymer, perfect for beginners and younger players.

For more advanced shooters including those who participate in military training or simulations, Lancer Tactical carries full metal replicas that feature almost the exact same specifications as their real steel counterparts. Lancer Tactical changed the airsoft business of gaming forever with its variety of M4 and AK-style airsoft rifles introduced in most recent years. We can show you how to understand all the hardware and inner workings of your new gun to get you out into the arena fast.

Lancer Tactical has something for every player, no matter the budget or experience level from newbies to the sport the decorated competitors. Many of these AEGs are offered in both high feet per second (FPS) and Low FPS versions. FPS is how we measure the muzzle velocity of the BBS (ammunition) when fired. The Low FPS version is the gun for players who regularly skirmish at airsoft arenas where regulations are in place on maximum velocity limits.

The next-level internal gearboxes used in all Lancer Tactical AEGs are easy to customize and upgrade using easy-to-find aftermarket parts, and some are even equipped with realistic blowback recoil to provide a satisfying kick every time you fire. Electronic Trigger Units (ETU) have been pre-installed in some of these Lancer Tactical AEGs, which greatly protects internal wiring and gives the user the ability to program the rifle with burst mode capabilities. Alongside the large arsenal of airsoft guns, Lancer Tactical also produces innovative airsoft accessories and tactical gear to keep you one step ahead at all times. Whether you're looking for a new rifle or a reliable sidearm, The many available features ensure these Airsoft guns offer some of the best rifles and pistols on the market. Lancer Tactical has everything you need to get you back out on the battlefield confident you have what it takes to come out on top.