Perun V2 Hybrid Front Wired Mosfet

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Upgrade your front wired Tokyo Marui Spec Version 2 gearbox airsoft rifle with the Perun V2 Hybrid Front Wired Mosfet, designed to deliver superior performance and functionality. This innovative mosfet offers a range of advanced features and adjustable settings, making it an essential upgrade for your AEG.

Perun, a trusted brand known for high-quality airsoft accessories, has created this V2 Hybrid Front Wired Mosfet to enhance your airsoft experience. The mosfet replaces mechanical contacts with optical and magnetic sensors, ensuring improved reliability and durability. With its adaptive trigger control, you can easily switch between short and long trigger travel, even in the field, and it is compatible with various trigger types, including stock triggers.

The programming of settings is effortless, using quick and easily memorable sequences of fire selector switching and trigger pulls. You'll receive prompt feedback through sound signals and multicolor LED diodes, making customization a breeze. Additionally, the trigger sensitivity can be adjusted to your preference, ranging from a short pull needed to fire a shot to a longer pull. No modifications to the trigger or gearbox are necessary, and you can even change the trigger sensitivity in the field.

The Perun V2 Hybrid Front Wired Mosfet offers independent programming of firing modes, allowing you to set safe, semi, burst, or auto on both selector positions. With the active brake feature, the motor stops after each shot, preventing spring compression or overspin in high-rate-of-fire replicas. The precocking feature ensures fast trigger response, perfect for close-quarters battles. For those who desire more customization, the mosfet features a 2-stage trigger and binary trigger options.

Upgrade your airsoft rifle's performance and reliability with the Perun V2 Hybrid Front Wired Mosfet. Compatible with front wired Tokyo Marui Spec Version 2 gearboxes, this powerful mosfet will take your gameplay to the next level. Trust Perun for top-notch airsoft accessories and get the Perun V2 Hybrid Front Wired Mosfet today at Airsoft Station.


  • Perun V2 Hybrid replaces mechanical contacts, increasing reliability with optical and magnetic sensors
  • Adaptive trigger control allows easy switching between short and long trigger travel with any trigger type
  • Programmable settings using quick fire selector and trigger sequences with sound signals and LED diodes
  • Adjustable trigger sensitivity with 5 levels, no gearbox modification required, change sensitivity in the field
  • Independently programmed firing modes: set safe, semi, burst, or auto on both selector positions
  • Active Brake stops motor after each shot, preventing spring compression and overspin in high rate-of-fire replicas
  • Precocking feature for fast trigger response in CQB situations, release spring with trigger hold
  • 2-Stage Trigger: Light pull for single shot or burst, deeper pull for burst or full-auto fire
  • Binary Trigger enables easy double shots in semi-automatic setting, shots on pull and release
  • Rate of Fire Reduction for saving ammo or realistic shooting in automatic or burst fire
  • DMR Mode introduces intervals between semi-automatic shots for DMR rule compliance
  • Low Battery Voltage Alarm for Li-Po and Li-Ion batteries, with short sound signals for low voltage
  • DSG mode for dual-sector gears, specially prepared for compatibility
  • Diagnostic system constantly monitors replica and mosfet, provides troubleshooting insights
  • Electronic Fuse protects replica and battery in case of major malfunction, automatically disconnects power
For Front Wired Tokyo Marui Spec Version 2 Gearboxes
Battery Voltage (V):
Package Includes:
1x Mosfet
30 Day Return & Warranty

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