Gate TITAN V2 Advanced Set (Rear Wired)

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The TITAN V2 is an AEG Control System for Version 2 gearboxes which completely transform your airsoft gun into an advanced training weapon. This upgrade kit gives players the option to adjust their AEG for specific preference, while also providing Statistics which can be checked using the USB-Link and GATE Control Station App for PC, smartphones, and tablets. You can check your weapons rate of fire, trigger response, modules temperature, motor current, battery voltage, and number of BBs fired. The TITAN V2 enables players to adjust the trigger sensitivity between 250 possible settings to get the perfect feel and greatly improves overall realism. TITAN gives you the option to adjust the fire selector mode, pre-cocking mode, pre-cocking boost, burst mode, burst, ROF Stabilization, ROF Control, sniper delay, battery protection, battery cell, low battery warning, 30-round limit, cycle detection, equalizer, active brake, and gear ratio. The eight integrated sensors ensure you are given the most accurate and useful information available. The TITAN V2 Advanced Module is the first and only MOSFET that can get the newest firmware updates via the internet, which means your one time purchase will be regularly updated with upgrades.  Gain an unmatchable tactical advantage and bring new life into your AEG with this TITAN V2 Advanced Module.


  • Compatible with Most Version 2 Gearboxes
  • Compatible with Most powerful AEG Replicas
  • Compatible with DSG, SSG, and 19-tooth Gears
  • Rear Wired
  • Check Real Time Rifle Statistics
  • Participate in World Rankings
  • Perform Diagnostics and Send Reports
  • Control AEG from Smartphone, Tablet, or PC with Gate Control System App
  • Simply and Easily Adjust Various TITAN Settings
  • Regular Updates and Upgrades for Firmware
  • Replicates Trigger Response Like Real Guns
  • 250 Trigger Sensitivity Settings
  • Significantly Improves Battery Life, Rate of Fire, Spring Life, and Gearbox Reliability
  • First of Its’ Kind
  • Eight (8) Innovative Optical Sensors Instead of Mechanical Switches
  • Perfect Your AEG to Specific Guidelines
  • Included USB-Link, Micro-USB, and USB-Cables for Connecting with PC, Smartphones, or Tablets
  • Included Installation Kit and Quickstart Guide
  • Protected Against Short-Circuits, Overheating, and Overloading
  • Protects Battery Against Over-Discharge
  • Ready to Use with LiPo 14.8v 500Mah 60c
  • Check the Gate Website for More In Depth Information
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