Full Metal Airsoft Rifle

KWA is a brand leader offering excellent choices in product design, performance, and technical standards. There is nothing like handling the perfect weight while shooting this version of the KWA AEG. This is a customer favorite for both professional use and private play in the United States. Law Enforcement uses these weapons due to their realistic features, excellent grip, quality design, and trademark heft and comfort are legendary. For a really enjoyable shooting experience, you need to consider getting a KWA AEG rifle with the feel of heavy firepower.

This rifle takes 6mm BBs, velocity is 400 feet per second (FPS) with a full metal upper receiver which is all one piece, LiPo ready.

One of the favored features of this brand is the simulated recoil, which is really effective for customer enjoyment and training purposes. The control that is necessary to manage the real thing can be trained with this useful replica gun and you will love that you will have such a realistic shooting experience with this product. You'll enjoy an advantage over most any other player in the game.

This is one of the most precise and accurate airsoft rifles you can fire. Manufacturing is always of the highest quality materials. You will never have to engage in problem-solving related to breakdowns or jams while you are using it. This is one of the best retail guns on the market and it is easy to see why as soon as you pick one up. Accessories are simple to install and on our website you'll find many popular choices.

There are many unique accessory options with this weapon as well and for an imitation firearm, it does not feel at all like it isn't the real thing. No matter what kinds of use you have for your KWA AEG, you will be glad that you invested in this industry-leading product for all of your shooting needs. Checking out our extensive list of inventory and different upgrade package options should assure you that you have come to the right website for your airsoft and BB gun needs.

Whether you are looking to buy a black airsoft rifles or camo items or you want to have electronic and moving parts included in your load out, we can help you personalize your weapon so it's the model you've been looking for, all available at our website Police quality weapons are spread throughout our inventory or you might want to pre-order new items that have yet to hit the market. We can help you to have fun on your holidays with some friendly sports shooting or you can enjoy access to the tools and products that you need to practice for real-life or competition. Enjoy the accuracy and precision the pros demand.

Getting a weapon with the right FPS as well as the right custom accessories is easy when you buy from us and we make sure that you see what our reputation is all about. We offer you a chance to join the community of people who enjoy buying us and who refuse to shop anywhere else. Clicking around our site will make it apparent that we have someone for all the users of airsoft products out there. There is no aftermarket item that we cannot source for your needs and you will find that safety and quality are our biggest concerns.

You will never have to worry about the durability or the quality of the products that you buy from us and we stand by each of our sales with warranties, great shipping, and a simple buying process.

There are so many reasons that airsoft guns are an excellent product choice. Whether a customer is new to the experience or a seasoned player there are almost unlimited possibilities for enjoying the game. From shooting during target practice to working on skills like sniping and running more like a paintball match, you can fulfill whatever you need for your hours of airsoft extreme sports play when you buy from us. Our expert staff will help you enjoy the Airsoft sport while staying safe, having fun, and keeping your rifle in mint condition. Ready yourself for the battle ahead. We know that not everyone will need the same aftermarket items for their shooting hours but we have a wide range of weapons, accessories, and gear that you can use to make sure that you are getting the most from your play hours. Every purchase includes a user guide spelling out technical standards, cleaning, maintenance, and repair specifications. It also includes technical information including schematic drawings and labels for every part.

This rifle lets you shoot the same as with a higher-end stock gun. It has a good range with excellent trigger response The mag feeds well. Reviewers who are members of the armed forces say the rifle feels identical to the real battlefield versions.