How Much Do Airsoft Guns Cost

How Much Do Airsoft Guns Cost?

After hearing from your friends who play airsoft or reading about airsoft games on the internet, maybe you are curious about what it would cost to start such a hobby. Or, perhaps you have already taken up airsoft but would like a guide for affordable airsoft equipment. Whatever the case may be, this article will give you a good indication of the kind of prices you will be looking at so you can make the best financial decision for your situation.

What Do Airsoft Guns Normally Cost?

Naturally, the answer to this question depends on several factors. First, how serious would you like to be about airsoft games? Just like with anything else, with airsoft guns you get what you pay for. There is a wide range of guns you could choose from, from the relatively cheap and short-lived to quite expensive and durable. The specifications for cheaper airsoft gun models tend to only apply for the first few uses because they wear down fairly quickly. If you think you might get really into the sport, then you should expect to spend $180 to $240 on a gun, which would put you in the middle range.

The next factor to consider is upgrades. Do you plan on adding several upgrades to your airsoft weapon at some point in time? If so, you might want to buy a gun on the mid to high end of the spectrum. Adding upgrades to a low-quality weapon tends not to do very much good.

What Makes Up the Price Differences?

Airsoft guns can have a variety of different specifications and options, which affect the price. Some things that might affect a weapon’s price are: the amount of power you need your gun to have, the degree of accuracy you would like, how long you want your gun to last, the amount of ammunition you want your weapon to be capable of holding, and how realistic you want your gun to look. The more power, accuracy, durability, ammunition, and realism, the more the weapon will cost.

How Do Brands Affect the Cost of Airsoft Guns?

Brands tend to fall into the high end, mid-level, and low-end categories. Brands at the higher end of the spectrum include G&G, LCT, and Salient Arms. Mid-level brands are brands like Lancer Tactical, Ares, and ICS Airsoft. At the lower end are what are known as clone brands like Galaxy, Colt, and UK Arms.Clone brands replicate models sold by higher-end brands but use less high-quality materials and can, therefore, sell them at a lower price point. These might be a good option for beginner airsoft players.

How Do Materials Affect the Cost of Airsoft Guns?

Most airsoft players like to have multiple magazines for different situations. You can purchase high capacity, mid-capacity, and basic or standard capacity magazines. The higher the magazine capacity, the more expensive the gun will be.

The firing mechanism also makes a difference. You can choose between gas, electric, and spring powered guns. The electric models tend to be the most expensive, and the spring-powered models are usually the least expensive.

Last, you will need to think about the kind of BB’s you want your gun to fire. The standard material used to make BB’s is plastic. You could also choose to purchase biodegradable BB’s for outdoor use, which tend to be more expensive than plastic, or steel BB’s, which are also more expensive. The heavier the BB, the more they tend to cost, which is important to remember if you are considering buying a high-powered weapon. High powered weapons shoot heavier BB’s.

Weapons by Price Range: $120 and Lower

If your budget is less than $120, you might want to hold off on investing in an airsoft gun. Guns under $120 tend to do very poorly in terms of range and accuracy, functions that are essential to the sport. Guns in this price range also are not very durable, so they will not last you many games anyway.If you want to buy a gun just to get a feel for them, try the Firepower F4-D M4 Full Auto Airsoft Electric Rifle. This weapon comes in at about $47.00 and features a laser aiming module, an adjustable stock, a magazine that can hold 500 BBs, and is fully automatic. The H&K P30 Electric Airsoft Pistol is a smaller, but still well-rated, option. It is a fully automatic replica of an H&K P30 that features a realistic blowback action and rapid-fire.

Price Range: $120 to $180

Within this price range, you will find airsoft guns best classified as “beginner” weapons. If you have never used an airsoft gun before, a gun in this range might be a good option for you. The Well MB13 Heavy Weight Airsoft Sniper Rifle is sold for about $120.00. It comes with a scope and bipod. It is relatively high powered and has decent accuracy and range. If you would like something smaller, the KWC Magnum Research Desert Eagle .50AE Full Auto Co2 Airsoft Pistol might be a good option for you. This metal frame model is about $125, gas-powered, and has both semi- and fully automatic capabilities.

Price Range: $180 to $240

Weapons in this price range tend to be entry-level options with the possibility of upgrades. The Colt M4 CQB Full Metal RIS AEG Airsoft Rifle, highly rated airsoft gun, can be bought for about $200. The M4 includes durable metal components and options for upgrades and accessories. Another option you could try is the Well Airsoft Spring EBR Sniper Rifle. It comes with a folding stock, a scope, a bipod, and is highly rated.Remember as you are deciding on a weapon that the upgraded versions of some weapons are not necessarily much better than the basic version. Research your options thoroughly before you decide.

Price Range: $240 to $300

At this price point, you will be able to browse through some serious weapons. The G&G GC1-46 CQB Full Metal Blowback Modular Airsoft Rifle is one of several good options in this price range. It rings in at about $292.00 and is both light and durable, compact and powerful. There are options to accessorize with lights, lasers, cameras, and grips, so you can customize the gun however you would like. The ARES Amoeba AM-013 M4 13" AEG Airsoft Rifle is another option you might consider, costing about $290.00. This gun features a nylon reinforced polymer, making it very durable, as well as an advanced gearbox with several programmable features including burst fire.

Price Range: $300 to $360

This price range includes some high-end weapons. Guns in this tier and higher tend to be highly accurate and very durable. These come with specifications that they will maintain for many games. The Krytac Trident SPR MK2 DMR AEG Airsoft Rifle can be purchased for $355. It features an aluminum body that is both durable and sleek. Also, the stock includes three different configurations allowing it to hold multiple batteries at once, allowing for quick battery changes during games. The KWA LM4 PTR Gas Blowback M4 Airsoft Professional Training Rifleis another airsoft gun in this category, running $340.00. The look and weapon manipulation accurately replicates a real AR15 and has boundless options for customization.

What Do Airsoft Pistols Cost?

The largest contributing factor to cost with airsoft pistols is how realistic you would like the pistol to be. You can get airsoft pistols from less reputable brands that appear to be pretty close to their higher-cost competitors, but you will probably have to make sacrifices in accuracy, durability, range, or power. For an airsoft pistol, you can expect to pay anywhere from $8.00 for a Galaxy Full Metal Spring 1911 Pistol to $160.00 for a JG Golden Eagle M4 Assault Pistol.

How Much Do Airsoft Sniper Rifles Cost?

It is possible to find airsoft sniper rifles that are reasonably affordable and of good quality. Many times, you will not have to sacrifice durability or accuracy for a low cost. When looking for an airsoft sniper rifle, it is important to focus on the manufacturer and buy from a reputable brand. The biggest determining factor in how much an airsoft sniper goes for is the weapon’s range. You can buy an AGM L96 AWP Bolt Action Airsoft Sniper Rifle for $79.00 or a McMillan M40A3 Airsoft Sniper Rifle for $300.

How Much Do Airsoft Assault Rifles Cost?

Airsoft assault rifles tend to be relatively costly. If this is the kind of weapon you want, you will have to have a moderate budget. The biggest factor with the cost of assault rifles is appearance. Realistic looking military replicas cost more than models that are clearly airsoft weapons, and the rarer the weapon replicas, the more the gun will cost. Guns with a nice futuristic type design also tend to be relatively costly. You can buy the Colt Spring M4 for $35.00or the CK47S Full Metal AK47 Airsoft Rifle for $719.00.

How Much Do Airsoft Shotguns Cost?

Airsoft shotguns usually feature burst action and are highly powerful. The deciding features for cost with shotguns are realism and the models of real shotguns they are replicating. Classic replicas tend to be steeper than more basic models, along with some of the more coveted modern replicas. You could buy the ASG Franchi SPAS-12 Burst Shot Airsoft Shotgun for $60.00 or go as high as $1,500 for the EMG Salient Arms International APS CAM870 Deluxe Airsoft Gas Shotgun. Beginner Vs. Enthusiast Weapons

If you are just getting into the sport of airsoft, you should focus on how easy a gun is to handle just as much as cost. If you buy a gun that is hard to use, you are less likely to practice regularly with it and become comfortable with the weapon. Beginners should try different techniques while using their first gun to find what style works best for them and improve their skills. More experienced users can look for models that replicate the experience of firing a real weapon as near as possible. They also have the option to purchase classic and collector’s models. Overall, while the cost is important, there are many other factors that are just as important to consider when buying a new airsoft gun, so choose carefully.

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