Why VFC?

Vega Company Force (VFC) is known for producing highly sophisticated realistic Airsoft replicas to help users practice better shooting and operation experience. They have official licenses from major firearms manufacturers to replicate trademarks and markings for further authenticity. 

Users like the application of high quality metal components in the internal mechanical design that aid in custom grade performance. While some users still feel that VFC internals might require some tweaking for peak performance, it is still an ideal bet for airsoft players who love customization with aftermarket parts. 

What Are Different Types of VFC Variants?

VFC offers a wide range of airsoft guns across different categories. Here are four popular types you will find in every store. 

Assault Rifles:

These are VFC’s bread and butter. These replicas are predominantly based on the AR-15 platform. There are also replicas for popular variants like M4, HK416, and SCAR-H. You will find VFC assault airsoft rifles in various configurations. For instance, you will find CQB (Close Quarter Battle) rifles for indoor environments and longer barrel versions for outdoor fields. 

Sniper Rifles: 

VFC also produces replicas of bolt-action sniper rifles like the PSG-1 and the M40. If you enjoy a more tactical and long-range playstyle, you will find them highly useful. 

SMGs (Submachine Guns)

In our online airsoft shop, you will also find VFC replicas of popular SMGs like the MP5 and the UMP. These models are highly sought-after amongst users for close-quarter battles due to their compact size and maneuverability. 


VFC has a decent selection of Airsoft pistols. The list of variants includes replicas of Glocks and Sig Sauers as well. These are great sidearms for airsoft players or as training tools.

VFC Performance and Upgradability

VFC airsoft guns are known for their quality. However, some models might benefit from performance tweaks. Watch gameplay videos or talk to experienced airsoft players to get a better sense of various model performances and user experiences. As one of the best airsoft website, we can help you select an ideal VFC airsoft gun that matches your needs. 

VFC guns serve as a great base for upgrades. If you are planning to modify your VFC airsoft gun down the line, we have a great variety of VFC airsoft guns for sale with good aftermarket part availability.