Umarex H&K M110A1 AEG Now Available for Pre-Order

hk M1010A1 AEG


Airsoft enthusiasts, welcome to a new dimension of sport, accuracy, and innovation. The HK M110A1 w/ Gate Aster Airsoft Rifle, available at Airsoft Station, is here to redefine your airsoft gaming experience. In this article, we'll explore the unique features, quality construction, and unparalleled performance that set this rifle apart from the rest. Whether you're new to the world of airsoft or an experienced veteran, this is the weapon you've been waiting for.

Striking Appearance and Renowned Manufacturing

First, let's discuss aesthetics and build. The HK M110A1 offers a visually stunning two-tone finish that will catch the eye and draw admiration from fellow players. More importantly, it's a 1:1 replica of the real H&K M110A1 complete with authentic H&K Trademarks.  For those who don't know, H&K is a name synonymous with durability, craftsmanship, and innovation. This ensures that this rifle isn't just a pretty face but a high-performance tool designed for the serious airsoft enthusiast.

Power, Velocity, and Capacity

What's inside counts, and in the case of the HK M110A1, it's impressive:

  • Power Source: A full metal VFC gearbox powers the firepower of this high precision AEG.
  • Velocity: Shoots 6mm BBs at a striking velocity of 442 FPS (feet per second), offering a fantastic blend of power and accuracy.
  • Capacity: With a 100-round mid-cap magazine capacity, it's built for extended battles without the need for constant reloading.

Precision and Firing Modes

Accuracy and firing modes are central to any airsoft experience. Here, the HK M110A1 excels:

  • Adjustable Sights: The adjustable front and rear sights provide unparalleled precision, allowing you to hit your targets with pinpoint accuracy.
  • Semi-auto Mode: If rapid firing is your style, the semi-auto mode of this rifle will not disappoint. Combined with the single-action trigger, firing is a smooth and satisfying experience.

Safety and Compatibility

In the heat of battle, safety is paramount:

  • Safety Fire Selector: This feature ensures safe handling and adds an extra layer of security during intense skirmishes.
  • Battery Compatibility: The rifle accepts 7.4v or 11.1v liPO Tamiya batteries (sold separately), making it adaptable to your preferences. Moreover, the inclusion of a MOSFET promotes longevity and consistent firing rates.

Revolutionary Gate Aster System

The Gate Aster, an advanced Electronic Trigger Unit (ETU), elevates the performance of the HK M110A1 to a new level:

  • Faster Trigger Response: No more lag in your shots. Feel the immediate response.
  • Protection from Battery Drain: Preserves the life of your battery, ensuring that your gun remains functional.
  • Multiple Firing Modes: Customize your firing experience according to your preferences and strategy.
  • Sensor Technology: Detects and prevents potential issues, ensuring a long and reliable life for your airsoft gun.

Dimensions and Warranty

Measuring 37" (940mm) in overall length and weighing 3500 g, the HK M110A1 is a beast of an AEG.  Due to it's specialized nature it is not recommended for beginners, even though it is 100% ready to rock right out of the box. The 455 mm barrel length ensures consistent precision, and the rifle's compatibility with 0.28g or 0.30g BBs offers flexibility in ammunition selection. The 1-year manufacturer's warranty through Elite Force further confirms the quality of this product, providing peace of mind for your purchase.


The HK M110A1 w/ Gate Aster Airsoft Rifle is a step above ordinary. With its striking design, superior performance, and revolutionary Gate Aster system, it represents the future of airsoft technology. Available at Airsoft Station, this rifle promises to elevate your airsoft game to unprecedented levels.

Remember, this rifle also complies with federal regulations by featuring a blaze orange tip, ensuring it meets safety standards.

Embrace the future of airsoft with the HK M110A1. Order yours from Airsoft Station today, and elevate your game!