SCAR Style Airsoft Guns Reviewed


In this article, we will be discussing the various models of SCAR airsoft guns available on the market. These guns are popular among airsoft enthusiasts due to their versatility and realistic design. We will explore the SCAR SC, SCAR L, and SCAR TPR models, highlighting their features, compatibility, and performance.

SCAR SC: The PDW Version

Cybergun FN Scar-SC AEG

The SCAR SC, licensed by Cyber Gun, is the PDW (Personal Defense Weapon) version of the SCAR. It features a monolithic 12:00 rail and additional rails at 3, 6, and 9:00 positions for attaching optics, grips, lights, lasers, and other accessories. The PDW stock is adjustable and collapses down further than a standard buffer tube, providing comfort on the shoulder. The gun comes with a 70-round midcap magazine and is compatible with various AR magazines. It offers realistic recoil feedback and is rear wired to Deans. The adjustable hop-up is located behind the ejection port.

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SCAR L: The Standard Version

FN Herstal SCAR-L Airsoft Gun

The SCAR L is the standard version of the SCAR and is widely recognized by airsoft enthusiasts. It takes a standard 5.56 magazine, making it easily identifiable. The gun features fully licensed trademarks, a metal upper receiver, and a polymer lower receiver. The stocks are comfortable and have rising cheek pads for ergonomic handling. The SCAR L offers ample space for optics, lasers, and other accessories. It comes with a metal 350-round highcap magazine and backup iron sights. The hop-up is located behind the ejection port and can be accessed through the charging handle.

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SCAR TPR: The Sniper's Choice


The SCAR TPR (Tactical Precision Rifle) is designed for players who prefer the sniper role. It features a beastly monolithic CNC upper receiver and stock, providing a robust build. The gun offers approximately 370 FPS with 2G BBs and has a fully upgradeable Aries V2 gearbox with the Electronic Fire Control System (EFCS). It comes with a 180-round midcap magazine and has a fully CNC stock with adjustable cheek riser and butt pad. The SCAR TPR has a 20-inch barrel and a rotary dial hop-up accessible through the charging handle. Its aesthetic design and performance make it an excellent choice for snipers.

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In conclusion, the SCAR airsoft guns offer a range of options for players with different gameplay styles. The SCAR SC is ideal for those who prefer a PDW setup, while the SCAR L provides a standard version with comfortable stocks and compatibility with various magazines. The SCAR TPR is the ultimate choice for snipers, offering a robust build and exceptional performance. Regardless of the model you choose, Airsoft Station is a reliable source for purchasing your SCAR airsoft gun. Visit to explore their selection.