Cleaning Rifles, Pistols, and Airsoft Guns



Cleaning Rifles, Pistols, and Airsoft Guns

If you're a seasoned gun owner than you understand that keeping your weapon clean is absolutely essential for it to operate at full capacity. The problem with a dirty gun is that it can cause a host of issues for the user such as causing the gun to fire inaccurately. Simply put, if you take care of your gun it'll take care of you. Therefore, if you want your gun to fire smoothly every time you squeeze the trigger you should take the time to clean it thoroughly.  

This is just as true for firearms as it is for airsoft guns. Airsoft guns may just be imitations of real firearms but if you intend on your airsoft gun operating at full capacity you must set aside time to clean it properly.



Cleaning a Rifle

It doesn't matter if you use your rifle for home defense, target shooting or hunting you'll always want to keep your gun clean so that it'll work when you need it most.  When cleaning your rifle begin with the bore. A dirty barrel can very well affect your accuracy, so ensure you thoroughly clean this area before moving on.

You'll also want to clean the chamber and action of your rifle as well as the stock and barrel. While these areas don't require as extensive a cleaning as the rifle bore, polishing and applying oil to the right areas of your rifle will ensure it operates smoothly each time you pull the trigger.


Cleaning a Pistol

Just because a pistol is smaller in size doesn't mean it's necessarily easier to clean. Thoroughly cleaning your pistol involves field stripping your gun (each gun has its own procedures for field stripping) and ensuring each and every part is squeaky clean.  This involves soaking the barrel in a cleaning solvent, thoroughly cleaning the interior of the slide, cleaning the frame, cleaning the magazine, scrubbing the bore and the barrel and lubricating the appropriate parts to ensure your pistol continues to operate at peak efficiency.




Cleaning an Airsoft Gun

Airsoft guns have different cleaning needs than an actual firearm due to the difference in ammunition (airsoft guns shoot plastic BBs whereas firearms fire live rounds packed with gunpowder), but that shouldn't be an excuse not to clean your gun as thoroughly as you can. Just like a firearm, you'll want to strip down and clean all of the parts within your airsoft gun. You'll also want to lubricate the appropriate components to reduce the possibility of jamming.



Whether you're cleaning a rifle, pistol or airsoft gun such such as the Lancer Tactical LT-15 Gen 2 always ensure your weapons are unloaded before stripping them down. Safety should always be your top concern when you're manipulating a weapon of any kind.

With that being said, always remember -- a clean gun is a happy gun. Taking the time to thoroughly clean your gun will increase its longevity and ensure its continued operation.