Airsoft Photography

AirSoft Photography

AirSoft Photography

When you think of airsoft skirmishes you likely don't imagine an ununiformed man or woman willingly running into the line of fire. It actually happens all the time – after all,someone has to take that thosephotos of you in the midst of battle. Airsoft photography is a niche that many lens lovers have taken on due to the thrill and excitement.

With that said, airsoft photography needs to be practiced with caution. Whether you’re an aspiring airsoft photographer or have been in the field of battle for some time, you can benefit from some of the tips we are about to give you. Theory and practice are what we will be focusing on here, so get ready to start snapping.

What is Airsoft?

Airsoft is a competitive shooting sport that places individuals in teams. The participants then take strategic locations on a field and shoot plastic projectiles using the air powered weapons called airsoft guns. The sport is quite popular and has become more advanced in recent years, even reaching professional status.

You the Photographer

As the airsoft photographer, you will want to have a similar mentality as those involved in the skirmish. Those spherical projectiles don’t tickle and they can also damage your camera if you are not careful. Point-and-shoot cameras work wonders because they are simple and efficient. This kind of camera will allow you to concentrate on your subject in the middle of the action. And because the surface area is smaller, you run a lesserrisk of it being damaged in battle.

Focus on Your Subject

Focus on Your Subject

Speaking of concentrating on your subject, it is essential that you know how and where to shoot a particular subject so that you can capture the most action in the fray. Your camera should be aimed mostly at their face and torso area from as close as you can get to them without disrupting their movement during competition. You want to avoid shots that have too many things in the background as these can be distracting and will take away from your subject.

Be sure not to center your subject each time – you want to aim for the face and midsection, but you should also keep them slightly off-center to give the shot more of an action appeal. This even allows you to show some of the landscape without it being too distracting. Use your best judgment but remember that capturing action is the main goal.


Most airsoft battles take place in large outdoor fields, so you’llbe dealing with natural light. That means you want to position yourself correctly. Areas of the field where the sun hits brightest might work for you if you're going to define lines on a subject during the action, but they can also take away from the composition of the shot if the shadows are missing, so be careful. If you happen to shoot at night, you will needa flash, though few if any competitions are done at night.

The Field of Play

The great thing about being an airsoft photographer is the field of play that you are in. The action is there to test your skills as a photographer. Think of yourself as a combatant, too.Find your spots, take your shots with calculation at times and with some reckless abandon at others, but avoid without compromising too much of your safety and cover.

Cover Matters

Speaking of cover, because manycompetitions take place outdoorsin nature, you can find some fantastic vantage points from whichto shoot theaction. Hills, trees, and more can help you get that tremendous shot that your friends will be thanking you for. Similar to a lone gunman hidden in the shadows, you are in control of the playing field. It’s even better if your position is not uncovered so when you reveal the shot to your friends,they’ll say they didn’t even realize you were there.

Safety First

Even though you are not shooting the gun, getting your hands on protective gear that is your own that would be fantastic. This helps you protect yourself from any injury during your shoot while going in for more daring shots. If you are an airsoft fanatic, as we assume you are, we imagine you already have some airsoft gear of your own – but it does not hurt to write this friendly reminder.

Have Fun

Safety is important, but so is fun! Shooting airsoft photograph is an experience that should be enjoyed, and we hope you use some of our tips here to capture the magic and intensity of the competitive sport. Airsoft photography can be an excellent part of your portfolio that will show you are willing to take a bullet for your passion – an airsoft one, that is. Keep rocking!

Featured Image Credit: Capt. David Gasperson In Post Image Credit: Lukas / Pexels