Airsoft Guns - How to Maximize Accuracy and Range

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Airsoft Guns- How to Maximize Accuracy and Range

Precision is very important in airsoft gun circles, and this is particularly true where ranged weapons are concerned. Being able to count on your airsoft gun to shoot with accuracy, even at long distances is a huge benefit if you enjoy airsoft skirmishes, are in an airsoft group or use your airsoft weapons for competition.

If you have been trying to figure out how to get the maximum accuracy and range out of your airsoft guns without success, you might just be missing some of the key steps that are needed to make this a reality. There are some easy ways to improve your accuracy and range, and following this list of tips and tricks will help you to get the most out of your airsoft gun no matter what activities you like to enjoy with it.

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How to Maximize Accuracy and Range

1. Use an Upgraded Hop-Up and Barrel

This is the most efficient way to improve your shooting accuracy and your range in one easy step. You can upgrade almost any airsoft gun to have improved accuracy with the simple addition of these parts. These parts are sold for various purposes, and you can usually pick and choose the range that you want to have and the accuracy that you are looking for.

The parts of hop-up assemblies are:

  • The Bucking: This is a rubber tube with a nub that puts a backspin on the BB as it is released. This makes it travel further.
  • Hop-Up Unit: This is where the bucking is stored and you use this part to adjust the amount of pressure on the bucking.
  • Inner Barrel: This is the interior of the barrel through which the BB passes when it is released.

Upgrade kits are usually the best option for this need as you will find that you will not have to struggle with making parts fit onto your gun that is not actually made for it. Most manufacturers will make these upgrade kits, or they might have unique hop-ups that are made for specific guns.

2. Pick the Right BB Weight

The BBs that you are shooting has a large impact on your accuracy as well as the range that each shot will travel. You will need to consider that some kinds of heavier ammo can’t be used in certain weapons, but overall, you can get different weight BBs for different shooting needs.

Most manufacturers sell their own unique BBs for their own guns, but you can also get ammo that is not made for your unique weapon directly. BBs are sold in packs in most cases, making it easy to get a wide range of sizes and weights or just the one that you want to use.

As a rule of thumb, heavy-weight ammo is better for outdoor play than indoor. You will also find that some hop-ups will struggle to feed heavy ammo. You can often get a multi-pack from a maker to try all their various weights and see which you like best.

For outdoor play, you will probably want .25g or higher. Snipers usually use .30g ammo. For indoor play, you will want to stick to ammo that is .20g. Indoor play tends to be more up close and personal, so heavier ammo will just slow down your ability to fire back when you have been shot at.

3. Pick Quality Ammo

Cheap ammo can be appealing if you think that you will want to just fire off a lot of rounds and not worry too much about their accuracy overall. The trouble with this logic, however, is that cheap ammo is not usually made to fly particularly true or very far. The cheap ammo might promise a certain result, but imperfections in the BBs will probably make them perform far worse than stated.

This means that you will likely struggle to be accurate at all in your shooting and you might even damage hop-ups and other parts on your guns if the ammo is very cheap. Being unable to play with any accuracy takes the fun right out of playing, and the little bit of money that you saved has been negated by struggles caused by your inaccurate ammo.

Picking quality ammo might seem like it will be hard on your pocketbook, but you can often get a discount if you buy larger amounts and you will not be wasting a large portion of your shots that go wild. This makes for a savings in the long run when compared to cheaper ammo choices.

4. Clean The Barrel

One of the most common culprits that can impact accuracy is a gun barrel that is not clean. When you use your airsoft gun, dirt and dust can get into the barrel as BBs pass through. This is a huge concern if you usually play outdoors, as crawling through bush and grass can cause items to get trapped in the gun barrel as well.

You need to have a smooth and clean barrel each time you are going to be shooting, or your shots will be less accurate. This means that you need to have the right cleaning kit on hand and you need to use it regularly. Cleaning the barrel of your airsoft gun requires a cleaning rod and a microfiber cloth.

You will just thread the cloth through the cleaning rod and then dip the cloth in alcohol or spray some onto it. Insert the rod into the barrel and swipe in and out until the cloth comes away clean. You might also want to lubricate the gearbox with some oil, but this will not need to be done very often.

5. Improve Your Bucking

The bucking helps control air leakage from the gun. When there are no leaks, pressure is at its best and you will gain increased distance when you are shooting. This is an easy item to fix and you can take care of it with ease on your own.

Picking up a new bucking requires that you just take apart a few pieces of your gun and install the replacement bucking. This will take care of any possible breakdown of materials that have led to air leaks over time. You might not even have realized that your gun was leaking air until your accuracy and the distance that you could shoot started to wane.

This is one of the most overlooked parts of an airsoft gun and it can have a noticeable impact on the speed of shots as well as accuracy when shooting at range. Consider taking pictures of each step of breaking your gun apart so that you can easily reassemble it when you are done with your replacement process.

6. Zero Your Sight

Scope accuracy is just as important as all of the other steps of this process. This is particularly true for those who play with sniper rifles. Your accuracy comes down to the correct settings of your scope in most cases.

It can be quite a process to zero your sight correctly, but it is well worth taking the time to do so. You will just need to know how far you will usually plan on shooting in your games. Your scope will be set for this optimal distance so that you can predict with great accuracy where your shot will go.

You might want to have an experienced friend help you with this process or head to a local airsoft store for some help. There are also some videos about how to zero a scope that you can watch. Also, consider that you can use a red dot or lancer tactical scope if your accuracy still needs some work.

7. Take Care of Your Gun

At the end of the day, weapons that are not cared for are not likely to hold up to your expectations. If your gun is dirty or in poor repair, you will never get the accuracy from it that you want. This is why being sure to clean your airsoft gun after each day of use can make for a huge improvement in your accuracy each time you are playing.

You should always remember to use quality parts for any replacement process that you do. Picking cheap parts is just as bad as using cheap ammo. Do yourself a favor and make sure that you complete repairs with the right items so that your performance is not degraded due to these parts.

Maximizing Accuracy and Range Can be Easy

If you consider all of the items on this list, you will find that you can easily improve your airsoft guns to be more accurate and to shoot farther. Being aware of repairs that are needed and trying out sample packs of ammo can also help you to find the right blend of improvements that will make your airsoft shooting experience better than ever.

Use this list to help assess where you need to make improvements to your airsoft gun, and you will be shooting with more accuracy and at an increased distance right away!


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