A Guide to Airsoft Guns for Noobs


For anyone just getting started in or thinking of getting into airsoft war-game simulations, this guide to airsoft guns for noobs will provide the information you need to choose the airsoft gun(s) right for you. You will learn what airsoft is, where it came from, safety and what it takes to join in on the fun.


What is Airsoft?


The game of Airsoft is played on a relatively large predetermined area – indoors or outdoors – with an objective of “hitting” or “tagging” other players using an airsoft gun. Because an airsoft gun’s ammo is BBs, unlike laser tag or paintball, it is difficult to determine when a player has been hit. Hits rely on an honor system when playing an airsoft game.


To fully understand what airsoft is, you need to know what it is not. An airsoft gun is not a traditional “BB gun” that often fires round or pellet shaped 0.177 caliber metal BBs at speeds from 350fps to 1000fps. Having a high power, BB guns are suitable for hunting or target shooting, but are not for war gaming or indoor shooting.


How did Airsoft start?


Originally developed in Japan, airsoft guns were made to look, feel and operate like real pistols and rifles. They became popular due to strict local and International laws making it difficult to obtain real firearms, and actually illegal for civilians to own. Hobbyists and sportsman were able to buy airsoft guns and participate in police or military scenarios without risking serious injury.


Airsoft guns resemble real firearms so precisely; all guns in the United States are required to have orange barrel tips. These guns are so realistic, all across the world many military and police training programs use them for training.


Are Airsoft guns dangerous?


With proper safety gear no, airsoft guns are not designed to be harmful propelling a BB – 6mm plastic and weighing 0.2g to .025g – 50 to 200 feet at a speed of 200fps to 600fps. Modification to airsoft guns is possible giving them serious power but not life threatening. However, highly modified, powered-up airsoft guns are able to break skin and result in bleeding, but never penetrate or lodge under skin. This makes airsoft ideal for recreational battle scenarios.


When handling airsoft guns, simple safety rules need to be followed. You should always wear protective eye gear and all weapons, at all times should be treated as if they are loaded. When any firearm is not in use, it should be in its protective case to not seem threatening to those around. You know the airsoft gun is not a real firearm, but the public and law enforcement does not.


Are Airsoft guns legal?


Absolutely, with the exception of a few States within the United States, airsoft guns are legal to own without a license – check your local laws to be sure, for guidelines and if any restrictions.


How do Airsoft guns work?


Select airsoft guns come in semi-automatic and fully automatic models firing approximately 10 to 14 rounds per second. Dependent on the model, accuracy varies but at 20 feet, a one-inch deviance is standard on unmodified models. Proper part upgrades and modifications can attain an accuracy deviance of two-inches at 50 feet.


The many types of airsoft guns are categorized primarily by their propulsion mechanism.


Spring Airsoft Guns


The spring airsoft gun is entry level and a good model as a starter or backup for noobs and comes in many full-size spring airsoft rifles and pistols. There are two types, hand-cocking spring and bolt rifles and use no form of manufactured power (example, battery) and requires manual power.



Gear Needed



Gas Airsoft Guns (A.K.A. GBBs)


The gas airsoft gun, regularly used as a side arm or a secondary weapon, is often used only one time in a round.



Gear Needed



Automatic Electric guns (AEG)


The electric airsoft gun packs more power and many come with a hop-up system resulting in a consistent firing accuracy until the clip empties. You may be asking yourself, what is hop-up? Devices that apply a backspin to the pellet causing pressure action on a pellet opposite to the direction gravity pulls it. It increases accuracy and range.



Gear Needed



Electric Blowbacks


Electric Blowbacks are fairly new on the airsoft scene, being around since 2000, and run off a motor similar to the AEG but also have a blowback feature which adds recoil when shooting.



Gear Needed





A mini is the scaled down version of a real gun and uses batteries to fire BBs in full auto.



Gear Needed



How much will all this cost?


The cost varies depending on the type of gun, the number of accessories and the types of power upgrades involved. The typical spring gun package can cost as little at $60.00, with the standard AEG package running several hundred.


Whether you are a newbie that has dreamed of shooting an AK47 or a silenced MP5, airsoft war-game simulations are exciting, adrenaline pumping battles that put noobs in the field of fire. They let you experience “real life” scenarios in a safe way, and give you that “real life” rush in a pretend battle.