Puff Dino 600ml Green Gas Classic, Oil Free, 12kg

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Airsoft gas guns perform based on the internal parts and propellant gas. This Puff Dino Green Gas Classic is made for maximum performance without the hassle of oily fingers. That’s right, these canisters don’t contain a drop of oil.
Some airsoft fans prefer to lubricate their guns manually, and this green gas is perfect for them. Its barely noticeable smell also helps make refilling gasses a pleasant process.
This is the 12 kg package, and each cylinder contains 150 g of green gas. The box includes 30 gas canisters. That’s enough for plenty of shooting before you need to buy more.
As with all gas-operated airsoft guns, the temperature determines gas pressure. You can refill your guns by merely pressing the nozzle into the magazine valve.

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