Maxx Model CNC Aluminum Airsoft Hop-Up Chamber SV for VFC SCAR-L/H

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Enhance the performance of your VFC SCAR-L/H AEG with the Maxx Model CNC Aluminum Hop-Up Chamber SV. This hop-up chamber is specifically designed for VFC SCAR-L/H models, providing a perfect fit and compatibility. It is constructed from durable aluminum 6061, ensuring long-lasting performance even in demanding airsoft environments. The Maxx Model CNC Aluminum Hop-Up Chamber SV comes with a comprehensive package of accessories to optimize your hop-up system. It includes hop-up arms, nub dampers, precision R-Hop concave nubs, brass threaded slot pin, Delrin locking C-clip, brass spacers, and more. These components are precision-machined for maximum performance and reliability. With the Maxx Model Hop-Up Chamber SV, you can achieve improved accuracy, consistency, and range. The CNC-machined construction ensures precise hop-up adjustment, allowing you to fine-tune your shots for optimal performance on the field. The included nub dampers and precision R-Hop concave nubs further enhance the BB spin and trajectory, resulting in better accuracy and range. Upgrade your VFC SCAR-L/H AEG with the Maxx Model CNC Aluminum Hop-Up Chamber SV and experience enhanced performance on the battlefield. Maximize your shots, improve your accuracy, and dominate the competition with this high-quality hop-up chamber available at Airsoft Station.


  • Precision-machined from solid aircraft aluminum for improved accuracy, consistency, and durability
  • Ensures enhanced accuracy and consistent air seal for VFC SCAR-L/H AEG series
  • Features a precision rotary dial for fine hop-up adjustments
  • Designed with re-engineered hop-up levers and concave nubs for optimal performance with R-hop and Standard-Hop systems
  • Removable Brass Threaded Slot Pin for easy setup and maintenance
  • Compatible with nozzle lengths of 21.00mm to 21.25mm on VFC SCAR-L and 38.50mm to 38.75mm on VFC SCAR-H
  • Fully compatible with aftermarket soft and hard rubber buckings without compromising FPS or BB feed
  • Equipped with CNC Delrin Locking C-Clip for secure barrel retention without wobbling or twisting
  • Extended sliding arms on both sides ensure centered, straight, and airtight fit when closing the receivers
  • Includes UV LED Tracer and Electronic Module for glowing BBs in the dark
  • Features Empty Magazine Detection Sensor to prevent Motor/HPA firing without a loaded magazine
Aluminum 6061
Maxx Model
30 Day Return & Warranty

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