Maple Leaf Autobot GBB Bucking

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Enhance your airsoft experience with the Maple Leaf Autobot GBB Bucking. Manufactured by Maple Leaf, this bucking is designed to provide superior performance, especially in colder climates, thanks to its silicone construction. It is compatible with WE/Marui/KJW GBB pistols, WE-Tech GBBRs, and VSR-10 spring sniper rifles, making it a versatile addition to your airsoft arsenal.

The Autobot GBB Bucking features a slightly narrow entrance, ensuring better sealing to achieve more consistent power output. The included C-Clip enhances lip stiffness for further sealing, reducing the risk of power loss during use. Its special pressure point geometry is meticulously designed to reduce inconsistency between shots, allowing for a more predictable trajectory and improved accuracy.

Whether you are using old style WE-Tech gas blowback pistols or rifles, or Marui / KJ GBB Pistols and VSR-10 compatible air cocking rifles, this bucking is suitable and offers enhanced performance, especially in winter and cold weather conditions. Upgrade your equipment with the Maple Leaf Autobot GBB Bucking and experience the difference in your next airsoft game.


  • Enhanced sealing with a slightly narrow entrance for consistent power output
  • C-Clip included to reinforce lip stiffness and further improve sealing
  • Unique pressure point geometry minimizes shot inconsistency, ensuring a more predictable trajectory
  • Designed for compatibility with Marui / KJ GBB Pistols and VSR-10 compatible air cocking rifles
  • Suitable for old style WE-Tech gas blowback pistols or rifles
  • Constructed from silicone, making it an optimal choice for winter and cold weather conditions
For WE/Marui/KJW GBB pistols / WE-Tech GBBRs and VSR10 spring sniper rifles
Maple Leaf
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