LCT Airsoft 100 Round Mid Capacity VSS Vintorez AEG Magazine, Black

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The LCT Airsoft 100 Round Mid Capacity VSS Vintorez AEG Magazine is a premium accessory designed to elevate your airsoft experience. This magazine, crafted by LCT, a respected name in the airsoft industry, combines high capacity with reliability and durability, making it an essential addition for players using the LCT VSS Vintorez AEG Rifle.

Constructed from high-quality polymer, this magazine is both lightweight and robust. Weighing in at just 6 oz, it ensures that your loadout remains light and manageable, even when carrying multiple magazines. The polymer material is not only durable but also resistant to impact, ensuring that the magazine can withstand the rigors of intense airsoft play.

The magazine's 100-round capacity strikes the perfect balance between high-volume fire and the realism of mid-capacity magazines. It allows for extended play without the need for frequent reloads, keeping you in the action longer. This mid-capacity design also eliminates the rattle of BBs, a common issue with high-capacity magazines, providing a more stealthy approach to your gameplay.

Designed specifically for compatibility with the LCT VSS Vintorez AEG Rifle, this magazine ensures a flawless fit and function. Its black color adds a sleek, tactical look to your rifle, seamlessly integrating with the overall aesthetic.

In summary, the LCT Airsoft 100 Round Mid Capacity VSS Vintorez AEG Magazine is an excellent choice for airsoft players who value capacity, durability, and stealth in their gameplay. Its lightweight design, high-quality construction, and compatibility with the LCT VSS Vintorez AEG Rifle make it a top pick for enhancing your airsoft experience. Whether you're engaged in competitive play or enjoying a casual game, this magazine is sure to impress.


  • Made from Durable ABS Polymer for Longevity
  • High Tension Spring for Smooth BB Feeding and Reduced Noise
  • Capacity of 100 Rounds for Optimal Fitment and Feeding
  • Specifically Compatible with LCT VSS Vintorez AEG Rifle
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