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Krytac Nautilus Version 2 Ultimate Airsoft Gearbox

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  • Product Description

    Krytac's famed Nautilus gearbox was designed from the ground up pulling inspiration from airsoft players and technicians to be the ultimate version 2 gearbox. Designed to combine all of the features airsoft players want into one gearbox the Nautilus V2 gearbox covers every aspect with flawless execution.

    The Nautilus Gearbox Shell

    The re-engineered 8mm gearbox shell features an anti-corrosive coating that gives it the unique look and feel that has come to define Krytac. It's reinforced shell has a rounded reinforced curvature surrounding the cyclinder to prevent fracturing from repeated high impact shots. Milled into the side of the gearbox is a small port for viewing the gear to piston angle of engagement as well as easy access to apply lubrication without disassembling the gearbox. A special portion of the backside of the gearbox was also utilized to house the in-line MOSFET in the shell, as opposed to the buffer tube or stock, to free up more space for batteries. 

    LiPO Battery Ready Design

    Krytac included an upgraded low-resistance wiring harness with an in-line MOSFET in the rear-wired Nautilus gearbox. The function of a MOSFET in combination with the low-resistance wiring is two-fold. The first feature is that is increases battery life maximizing the amount of shots you get out of every battery. The second is that it allows for LiPO batteries which have higher discharge and sometimes higher voltage than their NiMH counterparts giving superior trigger response and rate of fire. Trigger contacts are protected from the high-discharge arcing that occurs in non-MOSFET equipped gearboxes as well. All of the wiring from the rear of the gearbox is also fray-resistant wiring wrapped.

    FPS Quick-Change Flexability

    With a built in quick-change spring system an airsoft player can easily exchange the stock M120 spring by removing the ball-bearing spring guide with an allen/hex key. By exchanging springs, the rifle can be dialed into the perfect FPS for any field limits or situations. 

    Pre-Upgraded Piston & Cylinder Head System

    Krytac's nylon piston has 4 metal teeth to increase longevity and reliability. The second to the last tooth is removed to obtain perfect angle of engagement when utilized with the pre-installed rubber pad installed on the back of the cylinder head. The pad aligns the piston with the first tooth of the sector gear to prevent unneccessary wear and tear and also reduces impact stress to the gearbox shell. The piston head is ported to maximize compression for a consistant air seal. 

    Hardened Krytac Gearset

    The stock 18:1 Torque gearset is designed to pull a variety of springs with ease. Rockwell stress testing results showed that the stock Krytac hardened gearset outperformed other gearsets for durability and reliability. The spur gear also has a self-aligning tension system to keep the gear perfectly positioned even under the most grueling firing stress tests. 


  • Warranty Information

    Parts Warranty; See Warranty Policy Page for more information

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  • Other Details

    Gearbox Version: Version 2
    Lithium Polymer Battery Ready: Yes (In-line MOSFET)
    Quick Change Spring: Yes