How Hop-Up Works

Understanding the Importance of Hop-Up

In this article, I will explain how to make your airsoft gun shoot farther by adjusting the hop-up. Contrary to popular belief, it's not the FPS (feet per second) that determines the distance your BB travels, but rather the hop-up. The hop-up imparts backspin on the BB, allowing it to have a longer flight path. Adjusting the hop-up correctly is crucial for achieving maximum range and accuracy.

Adjusting Hop-Up on an M4 AR-15 Style Gun

If you're using an M4 AR-15 style gun, the hop-up adjustment is typically located under a cover. To adjust the hop-up, turn the dial counterclockwise until it stops to eliminate backspin. Test the gun's range and note the distance. Then, turn the dial clockwise until it stops to achieve full hop. You'll notice the BBs curving up at the end, making it difficult to hit your target. Fine-tune the hop-up by turning the dial counterclockwise in small increments until the BBs have a flat, straight flight pattern.

Hop-Up Adjustment for AK Type Guns

For AK type guns, the hop-up adjustment is usually a slider bar. Slide the bar towards the barrel for no hop and towards the receivers for full hop. Follow the same process as with the M4 AR-15 style gun to find the optimal hop-up setting for maximum range and accuracy.

Drum Style Hop-Up Adjustment for G36 Style Guns

G36 style guns utilize a drum style hop-up adjustment. The hop-up unit is located in a drum-shaped mechanism. To increase hop-up, rotate the drum upward, and to eliminate hop-up, rotate it all the way down. Repeat the previous steps to fine-tune the hop-up for optimal performance.

Factors Affecting Hop-Up Adjustment

It's important to note that you may need to make hop-up adjustments whenever you change the weight or brand of your BBs. Additionally, the hop-up adjustment wheel may gradually move due to the gun's vibration. Regularly check and readjust the hop-up to maintain consistent performance.


By understanding and correctly adjusting the hop-up on your airsoft gun, you can significantly improve its range and accuracy. Remember to experiment with small adjustments and test the BBs' flight pattern until you achieve a flat, straight trajectory. Whether you're using an M4 AR-15 style gun, an AK type gun, or a G36 style gun, the principles of hop-up adjustment remain the same. Enjoy the extended range and have a great time on the airsoft field!