GATE TITAN II Magazine Sensor with Cable

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Airsoft Station is proud to introduce the new GATE TITAN II Magazine Sensor w/ Cable, an advanced accessory that raises the bar of reality and streamlines your airsoft play. Constructed by the widely renowned manufacturer GATE, there is no doubt that this product really is an absolute must-have for any player looking to raise levels of authenticity in their airsoft game.

The GATE TITAN II Magazine Sensor has been designed to provide a tactical advantage. This function blocks the shooting when the magazine is out of the airsoft gun. This, in turn, brings in a layer of realism into your game, just like that of a real firearm. Other than this, it can be enabled or disabled at your convenience or game conditions, making it preferable for usage.

The magazine BB counter reset is another of the major characteristics of the TITAN II Magazine Sensor. The magazine BB counter reset feature contains a programmable magazine capacity limit so one can keep track of their ammunition as would be in a real battle situation. This aspect will not only make your airsoft battles more realistic but will allow you to orient the game in every single shot that you take.

Players can thus connect the magazine sensor and the bolt-catch button at the same time, at a go, through the integration, where only 1 connector takes that space on the TITAN II Bluetooth® V2 gearbox drop-in ETU FCU mosfet AEG HPA from GATE. The importance of this is seen where there is a need to use a divider. In such a case, you are guaranteed to have a free power port for your other important gear or any other accessory.

Conclusion-wise, the GATE TITAN II Magazine Sensor with Cable is the order of the day for any airsoft arsenal. This irreplaceable gadget combines functionality, tactical advantage, and realism, making it a must-have item in the hands of every serious airsoft player. Upgrade your airsoft game by picking up the most advanced sensor available now at Airsoft Station.


  • Blocks shooting when the magazine is removed, with an option to enable or disable this feature.
  • Features a magazine BB counter reset, compatible with programmable magazine capacity limits.
  • Allows simultaneous connection of the magazine sensor and bolt-catch button using a single connector for TITAN II Bluetooth® V2 gearbox drop-in ETU FCU mosfet AEG HPA.
  • Provides a free power port when using a divider due to the single connector design.
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