GATE PULSAR Solenoid Valve O-Rings, 4 pcs

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The GATE PULSAR Solenoid Valve O-Rings set is an indispensable repair kit for airsoft enthusiasts who use the GATE PULSAR S solenoid valve in their equipment. This kit, manufactured by GATE, a leader in airsoft technology, includes four O-rings, ensuring that you have the necessary parts to maintain or repair your solenoid valve.

O-rings are crucial components in airsoft guns, especially in the solenoid valves of HPA (High-Pressure Air) systems. They ensure airtight seals, preventing leaks that can affect the performance and efficiency of your airsoft gun. Over time, O-rings can wear out or get damaged, leading to decreased performance. This repair kit provides a quick and cost-effective solution to this problem.

Each O-ring in the GATE PULSAR Solenoid Valve O-Rings kit is made to the highest standards of quality, ensuring they fit perfectly and provide an effective seal. The inclusion of four O-rings in the kit means you'll have spares on hand for future maintenance, making this a practical investment for any serious airsoft player.

The O-rings are specifically designed for the GATE PULSAR S solenoid valve, ensuring compatibility and ease of installation. This specificity guarantees that the O-rings will work seamlessly with your GATE PULSAR S system, maintaining the high performance and reliability that GATE products are known for.

In summary, the GATE PULSAR Solenoid Valve O-Rings kit is a must-have for airsoft players who want to keep their equipment in peak condition. Whether you're performing routine maintenance or urgent repairs, this kit provides the necessary components to ensure your solenoid valve functions flawlessly. It's a small but critical investment in the longevity and performance of your airsoft gear.


  • Repair kit specifically for GATE PULSAR S solenoid valve
  • Includes four O-rings
30 Day Return & Warranty

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