GATE PULSAR S HPA Engine with TITAN II Bluetooth, Front Wired

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The GATE PULSAR S HPA Engine with TITAN II Bluetooth is a groundbreaking advancement in airsoft technology, brought to you by the renowned manufacturer GATE. This front-wired engine is designed for airsoft players who seek the cutting edge in performance and customization.

At the core of the PULSAR S HPA Engine is the TITAN II Bluetooth module, offering the latest in connectivity with Bluetooth® 5.2 Low Energy. This feature allows players to effortlessly connect their airsoft guns to a smartphone, enabling real-time adjustments and monitoring of their weapon's performance. The convenience and control provided by this technology are unmatched, making it a game-changer on the airsoft field.

The engine operates within a supply voltage range of 3.75-17 VDC and has a rated current of 30 A. Its efficient current consumption of 27 mA ensures optimal use of power during gameplay. Additionally, the low power mode, which operates at just 100 µA, is a testament to the engine's energy-efficient design.

Measuring 47.2 mm in length, 28.9 mm in width, and 14.5 mm in thickness, the PULSAR S HPA Engine is remarkably compact. Weighing only 28.2 g, it adds minimal weight to your airsoft gun, maintaining balance and maneuverability.

The engine is built to perform in various environmental conditions, with an operating temperature range of -15° C to +50° C and a relative humidity tolerance of ≤ 80%. This robust construction ensures reliable performance, whether in a casual backyard skirmish or a competitive airsoft match.

In conclusion, the GATE PULSAR S HPA Engine with TITAN II Bluetooth is an essential upgrade for any airsoft enthusiast looking to enhance their weapon's performance. Its advanced technology, efficient power management, and compact design make it a superior choice for players who demand the best in airsoft technology.


  • Offers the best price-performance ratio with advanced technology at an affordable price
  • Features TITAN II Bluetooth®, the first Bluetooth optical ETU in HPA replica
  • Stabilized nozzle for consistent FPS and elimination of Mid-cap syndrome
  • Multifunctional port for connecting accessories like Bolt-catch button, magazine sensor, and more
  • Designed for simple maintenance with a well-thought-out build
  • Note: Dual solenoid engines do not support extra devices requiring a power supply.
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