GATE ASTER V2 SE Expert w/ Quantum Trigger, Front Wired

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Introducing the GATE ASTER V2 SE Expert w/ Quantum Trigger, a front-wired marvel in airsoft technology, now available at Airsoft Station. This expert-level upgrade, designed and manufactured by GATE, is tailored for players seeking unparalleled precision and control in their airsoft gameplay.

The GATE ASTER V2 SE comes with a versatile supply voltage range of 3.75-12.9 V, accommodating a wide array of battery types. This flexibility ensures optimal performance across various playing conditions. The module's current consumption is impressively efficient at just 23 mA, and it further boasts a low power mode consuming only 288 µA. This efficiency translates to extended gameplay and enhanced battery longevity, keeping you in action for longer periods.

Compact in design, the ASTER V2 SE measures 43.8 mm x 28.7 mm x 7.2 mm, making it a sleek yet powerful addition to your airsoft gun. The module's lightweight nature is evident in its finished product weight of only 22.25 g, ensuring it adds minimal bulk and maintains the balance of your airsoft gun.

Durability is a hallmark of the GATE ASTER V2 SE. It is built to withstand a wide range of operating temperatures, from -15°C to +50°C, making it suitable for diverse environments. Additionally, the module can operate effectively in relative humidity levels of up to 80%, ensuring consistent performance even in challenging climates.

The standout feature of the GATE ASTER V2 SE is its Expert Quantum Trigger, offering an unprecedented level of trigger sensitivity and response. This advanced feature allows for more precise shooting and faster reaction times, giving players a significant edge in competitive and recreational play.

In summary, the GATE ASTER V2 SE Expert w/ Quantum Trigger is more than just an upgrade; it's a transformative component for your airsoft gun. Combining efficiency, durability, and superior performance, it's an essential tool for any serious airsoft player. Elevate your game with the GATE ASTER V2 SE Expert w/ Quantum Trigger, available now at Airsoft Station.


  • Hundreds of selector mode variations with two sensors, including SAFE, SEMI, BINARY, BURST (Full/Interruptible), BURST/AUTO, AUTO, and SEMI RAMPING.
  • 2-Stage Trigger for dual sensitivity settings, allowing SEMI/BURST and BURST/AUTO fire options.
  • Pre-Cocking in AUTO and MANUAL modes for faster trigger response, simulating real firearm mechanics.
  • Magazine simulation feature for realistic gameplay, adjustable capacity from 1 to 250 BBs, with Low Ammo Warning in advanced firmware.
  • Series Safety Limit to set a maximum number of BBs per series, preventing trigger jams with emergency selector switch stop.
  • Sniper Delay setting to customize shot or series delay, enhancing realism.
  • ROF Control for rate of fire reduction, with Adaptive, Manual PWM, Manual Delay, and Manual Delay + PWM settings.
  • Smart Trigger for rapid first shot response, ideal for high-voltage batteries, with ROF control system.
  • Battery protection against over-discharge, with automatic monitoring and firing prevention at critical voltage levels.
  • Low Battery Warning with vibration alerts when voltage drops to a predefined level.
  • Active Brake with gear sensor for complete gear cycles, supporting a range of gears and manual cycle selection in EXPERT firmware.
  • Equalizer feature for firing without fully releasing the trigger, especially useful at high trigger sensitivity levels.
  • Cycle Detection for ensuring complete gear cycles, enhancing reliability.
  • Diagnostics for instant troubleshooting with detailed error descriptions.
  • User Profiles available in EXPERT firmware for personalized settings.
  • MOSFET integration for enhanced ROF and trigger response, bypassing mechanical trigger contacts.
  • Built-in self-test feature for quick functionality checks and troubleshooting assistance.
  • Military Specification MIL-V-173C conformal coating for resistance to atmospheric conditions.
  • Compatibility with up to 14.8 V Li-Po batteries, supporting a wide voltage range.
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