GATE ASTER II Bluetooth Expert Adjustable Quantum Trigger 2, Rear Wired

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Here we present the all-new GATE ASTER II Bluetooth Expert Adjustable Quantum Trigger 2 in a front-wired configuration, developed to take the performance of airsoft players to a whole new level. Get one now at Airsoft Station; with that said, skill in airsoft is about to be taken to a whole new level with this marriage of technology and precision engineering in a front-wired module.

The GATE ASTER II is adapted to a variable supply voltage of 3.75-12.9 V, which makes it possible to use different types of batteries. The effective design can be seen in the product's low 20 mA of current consumption and in the even more impressive low power mode, which demands a negligible 140 µA total. This allows for longer game time and battery life, keeping you in the game for longer.

The module is also not only efficient but, at the same time, compact at 43.8 millimeters by 28.7 millimeters by 6.3 millimeters. It is small but does quite a lot for what it does for your airsoft gun's performance. The finished product weighs a mere 22.25 g, adding negligible weight to your setup while maintaining the balance and agility of your airsoft gun.

One of the main aspects of the GATE ASTER II is its strength. Built to function in a wide range of climatic conditions, from -15 to +50°C, this module can handle quite a lot. This durability is key for airsofters forced to play in practically all types of weather conditions.

Additionally, the module can effectively work at relative humidity levels of up to 80%, allowing for steadier performance even in the most difficult climates. The GATE ASTER II is Bluetooth-enabled; it has an app that allows you to modify and set up the device using your smartphone.

The module combined with expert design on the Quantum Trigger 2 provides unmatched control and responsiveness, which every serious airsoft player requires. Whether competing in play or just using your time for skirmishes of fun, the GATE ASTER II Bluetooth Expert Adjustable Quantum Trigger 2 is what will boost and take the performance of your airsoft to the next levels.


  • Fully compatible with popular brushless motors and 11.1 V batteries.
  • Overdischarge protection, cell number detection, low battery warning, and manual battery voltage setting.
  • Predefined number of BBs fired per series with maximum series length limit for AUTO mode.
  • Automatic detection of a full gear cycle for setting BURST and SERIES SAFETY LIMIT.
  • Active Brake eliminates unnecessary wear, with adjustable braking power from 0-100%.
  • Vibration notifications for warnings and information.
  • Adjustable trigger sensitivity with Trigger Reset (hysteresis) feature.
  • Pre-cocking with automatic spring compression, adjustable power and manual configuration.
  • ROF control for reducing Rate of Fire, with automatic brake, delay settings, and adaptive ROF.
  • Equalizer with 2 levels for high trigger sensitivity without needing full trigger release.
  • Sniper Delay for realistic reload or recoil simulation.
  • Seven selector modes in each position, including SAFE, SEMI, BINARY, BURST, BURST/AUTO, AUTO, and SEMI RAMPING.
  • Magazine feature simulates capacity and reloads, with adjustable capacity and reload time.
  • Telemetry for airsoft data including BB Counter, Motor Cycle Counter, Rate of Fire, and more.
  • Diagnostics for instant troubleshooting with detailed error descriptions.
  • Virtual Status for counting rounds left in the magazine.
  • ASG Calculator for useful airsoft calculations.
  • Smartwatch compatibility for real-time data and remote trigger control.
  • Multifunctional port for connecting two I/O devices like bolt-catch sensor, magazine sensor, or external trigger.
For V2 gearbox
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