Elite Force 1911 vs. VFC Glock – Who Is the Current Airsoft Top Dog?

Elite Force 1911 vs. VFC Glock – Who Is the Current Airsoft Top Dog?

The Elite Force 1911 pistols have been staple picks for some airsoft fans due to the reliability of the 1911 design. As a brand of Umarex, Elite Force primarily manufactures airsoft products. However, there’s a new competitor for excellent airsoft pistols.

Umarex is a German company that makes paintball and airsoft guns. Their line of Glock airsoft copies has taken the world by storm. Not only are they faithful copies in practically every way, but Glock licensed the designs to VFC, another Umarex brand.

Therefore, you can expect to find the same markings on a VFC Glock as you would on the actual firearm. Accurate to the millimeter, you couldn’t tell them apart with a casual glance. You even get matching serial numbers on the frame and barrel.

Nevertheless, it’s not fair to count the Elite Force 1911s out, as diehard fans of the weapon still frequent airsoft matches. These people love the 1911’s aesthetic and history, respecting a pistol used in two world wars.

Below, you can find a comparison of these two airsoft pistol lines. You’ll learn what makes them so good, along with any drawbacks. After reading to the end, you’ll have a better picture of what they have to offer.

Elite Force 1911 Review


Most of Elite Force’s 1911 pistols have a full-metal build. Handguns are usually divided into two main parts, the frame and the slide. In this case, both are made of stainless steel, providing an accurate firearm feel and increased durability.

External Features

Even the magazine is made of metal, like an actual 1911. A metal build protects the CO2 cartridge from harm, as these parts are quite delicate.

All Elite Force 1911 pistols have a threaded barrel compatible with mock suppressors. These don’t make your weapon quieter but are excellent for a tactical look. Alternatively, a pistol compensator also improves the handgun’s appearance.

The bottom rail in front of the trigger guard is available for attaching flashlights and laser sights. Many standard accessories will fit securely, but there are still some exceptions. Make sure you test the attachment first or do some research before buying.

Aiming is done via the iron sights on the slide. The front blade has a white dot insert, while the rear ramp has two dots. When you align all three together, the BB will hit a target.


Compared to older sights, this upgrade is perfect for close-quarters combat. Every split second counts and these dots can save you from getting shot.

On the slide is an ambidextrous safety catch, immediately accessible by left-handed and right-handed users. The metal piece is located on both sides, which makes taking the pistol apart and switching the safety’s location unnecessary. This safety has two modes – Safe and Fire – due to being a semi-automatic handgun.

The beavertail grip safety is also functional, as you can only fire this weapon by gripping it firmly. This requirement is always necessary, even when you flip the safety down.

Internal Features

Elite Force uses the KWC CO2 system with these 1911 pistols. Over the years, the mechanism has been refined. The system was plagued with reliability and accuracy issues, but the improvements have made the weapon more dependable over time. One effect of this system is the heavier recoil, necessitating more robust internal components.

As older Elite Force 1911 pistols became outdated, the brand released rebuild kits. These packages contain spare parts updated for current specifications.

Each magazine holds 14 rounds, double the original 1911’s capacity. However, it’s also possible to purchase 27-round extended magazines. These magazines are optimized enough that each CO2 capsule is enough for powering at least three of them, even with the noticeable recoil.

You need to disassemble the weapon and reach the barrel and chamber to adjust the BB’s trajectory. The hop-up allows for precise adjustments, a requirement experienced players will love.


The Elite Force 1911 pistols can hit targets up to 60 feet away. However, distances closer to 90 feet are much more difficult. You might have a better chance with hop-up adjustments, but that doesn’t bypass the pistol’s limitations.

Having 14 rounds in the magazine is adequate, as many modern handguns have around 15. However, airsoft guns can reach several hundred rounds, especially rifles. You’re likely at a disadvantage when wielding the 1911 against opponents armed with AEGs.

Regardless, this weapon is a solid secondary weapon you can rely on.

VFC Glock and Other Glock GBB Pistols Review


The VFC Glocks are quite realistic, as Umarex was able to obtain licenses from the Austrian firearms manufacturer, Glock. The first model, the Glock 17, was introduced in 1972 and has undergone several generations of upgrades since. These airsoft copies reflect the generations of firearms they were meant to copy.

External Features

As a modern pistol, all of the VFC Glocks have a polymer frame and steel slide, a combination that offers a lighter weight yet maintains a high level of durability. The frame is durable and doesn’t feel cheap in the slightest.

Starting from Gen 4, these Glock pistols have received a rough textured frame that prevents grip slipping. It’s also balanced for accuracy.

Unlike the 1911, Glock pistols don’t have a thumb safety catch. This configuration doesn’t mean the handguns are dangerous, as they’re actually “safe” all the time. However, you can find a thumb fire selector on the Glock 18C slide where many other designs have a safety.


Glock pistols use a trigger safety, the lever beside the trigger. Thus, the weapon won’t fire if your finger isn’t resting on the trigger correctly. Note that Glocks don’t have grip safeties.

Aiming with a Glock is possible with the tri-dot iron sights, though Glock uses slightly different sight designs.

The magazine release is reversible, meaning you can swap it to the left or right by disassembling the pistol. It’s a prominent square button that both of your thumbs can depress at any time. Glock designed it to be highly accessible.

The slide stop lever above the magazine release lets you drop the slide. It’s also ambidextrous, allowing anyone to chamber a BB after inserting a fresh magazine.

Unlike the 1911 magazines, the models Glock pistols use are polymer. They’re still solid and will protect your gas supply. The BBs all feed smoothly into the chamber for a fantastic shooting experience.

The latest generation of Glock pistols, Gen 5, each have a Picatinny rail at the bottom of the frame. VFC’s licensed copies work the same way. In fact, they would be compatible with more real-life firearm accessories as they’re perfect copies in terms of appearance.

Internal Features

VFC constantly upgrades its Glock airsoft pistols. The latest model, the Glock 45, comes with VFC’s newest internal components. Even starting with the Glock 19X airsoft copy, released around three years ago, the adjustable hop-up has continuously been upgraded. You can even adjust it using a hex wrench without opening the pistol up.

The Glock 45 copy has a new recoil impulse system for realistic impact reproduction. Some airsoft fans use a replica for practice, protecting their actual firearm from wear and tear. With a realistic recoil, you’ll also find it enjoyable to shoot.

The gas system has been optimized for maximum efficiency. Instead of spending extra on gas, the newer generation Glock airsoft copies will make the most out of every CO2 cartridge.

Some Gen 3 and Gen 4 Glocks suffered from a trigger reset issue, but the latest models have solved the problem. A new Save Action System now makes the trigger move smoothly to a certain point before discharging a BB.


The VFC Glock pistols tend to work fine in the field, as the manufacturing process is stringent. They also fire up to similar ranges as the Elite Force 1911. However, their muzzle velocities are slightly lower but may depend on your ammunition.

Shooting at around 60 feet is well within a VFC Glock pistol’s capabilities. It can shoot further as the gas system is advanced enough.

Other Glock Airsoft Pistols

There are other brands and companies out there that make Glock airsoft pistols. Elite Force has several licensed copies, too. These have custom designs and colors that you may find interesting.

Cybergun is another manufacturer that has official Glock approval and licensing. However, its products are geared towards military personnel.

Surprisingly, Umarex itself also has its own Glock copies. These look identical but can’t use VFC Glock airsoft magazines.

The Top Gun

In terms of modern warfare and its harsh requirements, it’s safe to say that the VFC Glocks and those made by manufacturers beat the Elite Force 1911 pistols. That’s not to say the latter are useless, but Glocks outshine them in many areas.

By design, Glocks were made to be ambidextrous. The lack of a thumb safety makes the weapon usable by anyone, though they still have to reverse the magazine release. Left-handed users can operate the slide release even if it’s on the left side.

Having a larger magazine capacity helps when it comes to pistols. You want to have enough BBs in case more enemies attack. Even though the 1911 has 27-round magazines, the standard Glocks already contain almost that amount.

Glock pistols also come in various models, each having different features. You have compact pistols and even some with optics. The VFC Glock 18C is fully-automatic, something fans have always enjoyed.

In contrast, the Elite Force 1911s are all the same size and semi-auto only.

These Glock airsoft replicas always get new upgrades that often mirror the real firearms. With more coming out, airsoft fans can always see if there’s something new for them.

The Elite Force 1911 pistols are pretty authentic and usable on the battlefield. They still accurately portray the classic weapon’s aesthetic with a modern twist. That’s why they remain popular today.

Overall, the VFC Glock pistols and those made by other manufacturers deserve the win over the Elite Force 1911 pistols. The Glocks are superior in having a practical design, performance, and accessibility. Nevertheless, the gun you want depends on your personal preferences.