Duke Colt CO2 Weathered .177 Pellet Revolver, Black

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Introducing the Duke Colt CO2 Weathered .177 Pellet Revolver - a striking blend of historical elegance and reliable performance. Manufactured by the iconic brand Colt, this revolver is not only a fantastic piece for collectors but is also a splendid choice for those who enjoy casual plinking and light fun activities.

Dressed in a distinct weathered black finish, this air pistol embodies a classic aesthetic reminiscent of historical firearms, while still providing a satisfying shooting experience with its powerful CO2 powerplant. With a moderate loudness level of 4 (Medium-High) and a solid build combining metal and ABS plastic, it ensures durability and a substantial feel in the hand.

Boasting a 6-round capacity and a rifled barrel length of 5.50", the Duke Colt promises precision with every shot. The front blade and fixed rear sight aid shooters in lining up their target effectively, providing a straightforward yet enjoyable shooting experience. Navigate through its single-action trigger with ease, and relish in the smooth operation and fast reloading enabled by the revolver action. Despite the rich, historical aesthetic, the Duke Colt does not compromise on safety, featuring a manual safety mechanism for secure use.

Enjoy up to 100 shots per CO2 fill, making it a reliable companion for extended shooting sessions. With an overall length of 11.00" and a weight of just 2.12 lbs, this pistol is conveniently portable, easy to handle, and maintains a comfortable grip.

In every shot, the Duke Colt CO2 Weathered .177 Pellet Revolver reflects Colt’s commitment to quality and performance, ensuring that each shooting session is not only fun but also a nod to historical firearm designs. Grab yours and step into a world where the past and present coalesce into a uniquely satisfying shooting experience.


  • 12g CO2 cartridge compatibility
  • 6-round cylinder
  • Blade front and notch rear sights
  • Synthetic grips with John Wayne medallion
  • John Wayne signature on back strap
  • Single-action trigger
  • Manual safety mechanism
  • Functional ejector rod
  • Weathered finish aesthetic
  • Comes with 6 pellet-loading shells
Power Source:
380 FPS w/ 0.177 Cal Pellets
279mm (11")
2.12 lbs
Included Magazine:
6 Rounds
Fire Modes:
Safe, Single Shot
30 Day Return / 45 Day warranty

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