Benjamin Fortitude Gen. 2 Regulated .177 PCP Air Rifle, Black

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Discover the unparalleled performance and precision of the Benjamin Fortitude Gen. 2 Regulated .177 PCP Air Rifle, a marvel in the airgun industry tailored to satisfy all the requirements of small game hunting and plinking enthusiasts. Weighing in at just 5.30 lbs, this rifle, characterized by its striking black finish, provides optimal comfort and ease of handling, enabling the shooter to maintain accuracy even during extended sessions.

With a rifled barrel length of 23.31" and an overall length of 42.60", the Benjamin Fortitude Gen. 2 offers a compact yet powerful shooting experience. This bolt-action, pre-charged pneumatic (PCP) air rifle with a capacity of 10 rounds, ensures you can target with rapidity and precision without frequently reloading. Despite its potency, the air rifle maintains a low to medium loudness level (rating of 2), ensuring your hunting or plinking sessions remain discreet and non-disruptive.

Taking precision to the next level, the Fortitude Gen. 2 is designed without front and rear sights but is equipped with an 11mm dovetail, enabling the attachment of your preferred optics to further enhance your accuracy on the field. The single-stage trigger offers reliable shooting, while the manual safety ensures secure operation and handling, particularly during transport or when not in active use. Moreover, the plastic buttpad guarantees stable shoulder positioning, promoting a steady aim throughout.

Designed with a fixed power setting and the capability to act as a repeater, the Benjamin Fortitude Gen. 2 stands out as a top choice for those who seek a combination of stealth, accuracy, and consistency in their airgun adventures. Dive into a world where each shot counts and relish in the steadfast reliability and performance of Benjamin air rifles, a brand synonymous with quality in the airgun industry.


  • Precharged Pneumatic (PCP) Power Source
  • Smooth Bolt-Action Mechanism
  • 10-Round Rotary Magazine
  • Ambidextrous Synthetic Stock for Comfort
  • 3000 PSI Regulated Cylinder
  • Integrated Pressure Gauge
  • 11mm Dovetail Mount for Optic Attachments
  • Full Regulation for Consistent Power
  • Responsive Single-Stage Trigger
  • Fully-Shrouded Barrel for Quiet Operation
  • Quick Disconnect Fill Fitting
  • Equipped with Sling Mounts for Easy Carry
Power Source:
950 FPS w/ 0.177 Cal Pellets
1082mm (42.60")
5.30 lbs
Included Magazine:
10 Rounds
Fire Modes:
Bolt Action
Magazine Model Number:
30 Day Return / 45 Day warranty

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