Best Beginner Airsoft Guns of 2023

Posted by Nobody on 05/08/23

Best Beginner Airsoft Guns of 2023

Are you new to Airsoft and in search of a reliable backup gun that won't break the bank? Then this video is for you.

As a beginner, it's important to have a reliable AEG with easily replaceable and upgradeable parts, whether you're engaging in a backyard skirmish or organized gameplay. Fortunately, there are plenty of options available for under $250. However, keep in mind that as these guns have several working parts, they will inevitably wear over time. Thus, it's advisable to keep that in mind when making your purchase.

CYMA offers a range of AK models, but we recommend the  Beta Spetsnaz for beginners. This lightweight and affordable AEG is suitable for all body types and ages. With its intermediate fps range and lightweight construction, it's perfect for those who are new to Airsoft and aren't yet playing organized games outdoors. However, the V3 gearbox is upgradable, and these AEGs can be used as backup or secondary guns in MILSIM events or for close-quarters combat.

If you're looking for AEGs under $250 with excellent performance, internal upgrades, and a wide range of aftermarket parts compatibility, A  Gen 3 M4 from Lancer Tactical is your best bet. Additionally, they come with a low power fps spring for indoor play or added safety for those getting used to handling these 6mm blasters. Once you have an 11.1V LiPo battery and some .28g BBs, you'll be ready for organized gameplay indoors or outdoors with a gun that can hold its own against experienced players. We suggest choosing an AEG that you find aesthetically pleasing, as you can easily upgrade it in the future with parts that will enable it to shoot more BBs per second or tighter groupings with a new inner barrel. You may also want to consider adding attachments such as grips, lights, lasers, or even a grenade launcher.

Another excellent option from CYMA is the  Colt M4A1 Full Metal 13" Keymod AEG. For players who appreciate authenticity, licensed guns that resemble their real counterparts are a popular choice. This Colt M4 is full metal, giving it a more authentic feel and weight. The V2 gearbox allows for maximum aftermarket parts compatibility, making it a favorite among players who are willing to spend a bit more on a licensed gun that they can upgrade in the future. However, the Colt M4 is also skirmish-ready, particularly for indoor use. Take the gun to a local Airsoft shop or follow a DIY tutorial on YouTube to upgrade the spring for outdoor play, enabling it to shoot closer to 400fps with .20g BBs. With ample space for accessories, this AEG can be modified both inside and out.

If you have any queries regarding Airsoft guns, need advice on what to buy within your budget, or would like to learn more about organized gameplay, check out our FAQ page, fill out a request for help form, or visit one of our retail stores!