Air Venturi .22 Cal Quick Cleaning Pellets, 80ct

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Maintain the performance and longevity of your .22 caliber pellet gun with Air Venturi's Quick Cleaning Pellets. This pack of 80 cleaning pellets is specially designed to remove dirt, debris, and lead build-up, ensuring your airgun stays in pristine condition. Ideal for use in any type of pellet gun, these pellets are a crucial part of your maintenance routine.

Air Venturi, a trusted name in the airgun industry, has developed these cleaning pellets to provide a quick and easy cleaning solution. The .22 caliber pellets are made to fit perfectly in your airgun, ensuring a thorough cleaning with every use. Whether you're a casual shooter or a serious airgun enthusiast, these cleaning pellets are a must-have accessory.

Please note that these cleaning pellets are too light to be shot through spring guns. If you're using a spring gun, simply use a rod to push the cleaning pellet through the barrel. This ensures a safe and effective cleaning process, protecting the integrity of your airgun.

With Air Venturi's Quick Cleaning Pellets, you can keep your .22 caliber pellet gun in top shooting condition, ensuring accuracy and reliability every time you pull the trigger. Don't let dirt and debris compromise your shooting experience – choose Air Venturi for a clean, well-maintained airgun.


  • Designed for .22 caliber pellet guns
  • Effectively removes accumulated dirt, debris, and lead
  • Suitable for all varieties of pellet guns
  • Note: For spring guns, use a rod to manually push through, as pellets are too light for shooting.
For .22 caliber pellet guns
Air Venturi
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