6mmProShop Airsoft Pocket Cannon Grenade Launcher Pistol (Package: Launcher Only)

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You’re cornered and your magazine is empty. The opposing players are approaching your position and they’ll be on top of you in a matter of seconds. But you have a secret weapon. You reach for your single-shot launcher and send a spray of BBs heading towards the opposition. Your last resort just saved you from elimination, giving you time to reload and get back into the game.

This grenade launcher pistol can make that last stand scenario a reality. This compact and lightweight pistol can be used with all 40mm Airsoft M203 gas grenades. This means you have a wide range of options when it comes to shells. Do you want a shell that unleashes a shower of BBs on your unsuspecting adversaries? What about a shell that fires out foam projectiles? They’re all a possibility thanks to this versatile launcher.

The launcher comes with a railed frame, allowing you to mount optics and scopes. Plus, there’s a handy switch you can activate with your thumb that allows for rapid shell dispersal and reloading, which means your last stand could become an attacking rampage if you have several shells available.

Not yet available in stores, the 6mmProShop Airsoft Pocket Cannon Grenade Launcher Pistol will arrive in September 2021. Place your pre-orders now and you’ll be one of the first to have this secret weapon ready and waiting to fire during your next battle. The standard package features the launcher only, with shells available separately.


  • Compatible With Most 40mm Gas Grenade Shells
  • 20mm Top Rail
  • On-Frame Safety
  • Compact Design For Easy Storage
  • Light Weight
  • Spring-Latched Barrel Enables Fast Reloading
  • Uses Propane, Co2, and Green Gas (Dependent on the Shell)
Power Source:
Green Gas
Canada Compliant:
Rail Type:
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