How to Choose Your First Airsoft Gun


To know how to choose your first airsoft gun, it would be good to know some basics before buying. There are many high quality airsoft guns to consider; but which one is the best one for you, and what equipment and accessories will you need? Airsoft guns are replicas to scale of real firearms shooting six-millimeter pellets. Though they are not real guns, they can be dangerous if not handled properly so safety should always be a concern.


Safety First


Airsoft guns realistic appearance means you should always be mindful of local laws in your area and those in your environment. Carrying one, or more, around in the open could alarm people and law enforcement who are unaware you are not carrying a real gun. All airsoft guns sold in the United States are equipped with an orange tip by law to identify them as one, but that is not always enough.


Choosing an Airsoft Gun – Three Basic Types of Airsoft Guns


Just as real firearms come in a large number of major categories, so do airsoft guns.



Spring Powered


galaxy-g13-full-metal-1911-style-airsoft-pistol-2-68032.1415723609.1280.1280.jpgThe original airsoft gun used for airsoft gaming is generally reliable and offers a decent amount of firepower for its price. Upgrading is readily available to make your gun more powerful and spring powered airsoft guns have a lower risk of harming the environment. Being a cost effective choice, since on the lower end of pricing, makes spring powered models popular. However, unlike the gas and electric models, these do not have an automatic firing feature.







Gas Powered


cz-p09-sportline-5-30332.1459789833.1280.1280.jpgGas powered airsoft guns are available in several models – most common are propane, CO2 or gas, blowback or non-blowback – and use compressed carbon dioxide or compressed gas, propelling the pellet from the barrel. The gas also moves the slide and loads the next round on blowback models.









Automatic Electric









 Where to start on how to choose your first airsoft gun may seem a little overwhelming with all the guns on the market; but researching will simplify your search for you. Information on the airsoft guns you favor and learning all you can will help insure you make an informed decision on the best airsoft gun, accessories and gear that is right for you.