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KWA M1911 MKI PTP Gas Blowback Metal Airsoft Pistol

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  • Product Description

    KWA M1911 MKI PTP
    Included: Pistol, silicone oil, hop-up adjustment tool, and bonus package of 50 airsoft BBs. Take aim and fire with the KWA M1911 MKI PTP Blowback Pistol . This awesome green gas powered gun is exceptionally realistic in weight and feel, and produces an excellent blowback kick when fired. The gun features a full metal body and slide, a 14 Rd magazine, and a shot velocity of 320-345 fps (using .20g BBs) and 290-310 fps (using .25g BBs). An adjustable hop-up unit also offers increased power and accuracy to the shooting experience. Airsoft enthusiasts who are looking for a reliable skirmishing sidearm, look no further!


    The KWA M1911 MKI PTP Blowback Features:

    • NS2 Gas Delivery System
    • Adjustable Hop-Up
    • Plastic Handlegrips
    • Combat Sights
    • 45 Days Product Warranty [US only]
    • Lifetime Tech Support


    • Loudness: 3-Medium
    • Weight: 2.22 lbs
    • Overall Length: 8.75"
    • Capacity: 14 round(s)
    • Barrel: Smooth bore
    • Front Sight: Blade and Ramp
    • Rear Sight: Fixed
    • Scopeable: No
    • Trigger action: Single-action
    • Suggested for: Skirmishing
    • Action: Semiautomatic
    • Powerplant: Gas
    • Safety: Manual
    • Repeater: Repeater
    • Hop-Up: Adjustable
    • Blowback: Yes
    • Material: Full metal
    • Recommended Ammo: 0.2g+
    • Body: Pistol
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    1. "Ferrari of 1911 pistols"

      It was definitely worth the investment into getting an M1911 like this, and I'd recommend the MkI-MkIV to anyone who wants an M1911. The BBs always go where I point, and it has a feel to the grip that you feel it'll never fall out of your hands (which it hasn't so far). I bought this before the classic look on the M1911 came out, but if you want that modern look and feel then look no further.
      My only concern is that despite the BBs going where I want them to, the BBs I use don't always leave the clip in the first place. 0.30 BBs are where the jamming began, but that's where I find everything perfect in terms of accuracy. 0.25s are still a little tough to work with, and 0.28+ is where the BBs not leaving the clip occurs (with the % of error increasing with BB size of course). In the end, this is a sidearm and I don't know how often others may use their pistol, especially if they have an AEG. If you plan to show your commitment to airsoft, or have a CoD player background, the M1911 PTP series is the best way to show it. I personally have, and love, my MkI M1911 because it has the modern look to it, but doesn't overdo the look with the under rail I'll never use, the weird pill-shapes grip, or the oversized orange tip (on the MkIV).
      on Apr 12th 2016

  • Warranty Information

    30 Day Return, 45 Day Warranty

  • Other Details

    Power Source: Green Gas
    Velocity: 345 FPS with 0,20g BBs