The Top Benefits of Owning a Two-Tone BB Gun: More Than Just a Toy

Posted by Nobody on 06/23/24

The Top Benefits of Owning a Two-Tone BB Gun: More Than Just a Toy

BB guns are more than just kids' toys; the fun offered by a unique blend of skills and safety makes them placed between natural playthings and actual firearms. Safety guidelines should be followed, and it is a great way to experience shooting sports without risk. Owning a BB gun comes with much responsibility, as you are the one who is going to handle the weapon.

What is a Two-Tone Airsoft BB Guns?

Two-tone airsoft guns are precisely as the name suggests: airsoft guns are painted in two different colours. This type of colouring makes them distinctly identifiable without a doubt from real firearms. The body is coated with bright, solid colours—orange, yellow, and blue—that this is a BB airsoft pistol or rifle and not a real or imitation one. Some models are also made in clear versions, categorizing them under this type. These are the guns that often come to mind when people speak of BB or airsoft guns. They come in all sorts of designs and specifications.

What Colors Are Common for Two-Tone Guns as per UK Low

Real guns are predominantly black, but airsoft ones come in bright colours like purple, orange, blue, red, and green. The UK legislation requires any kind of two-tone added to an airsoft gun to be at least 50% of the entire weapon and a bright color, while the rest can be another color or black. Most of them are in a combination of orange and black for obvious visibility reasons, but other color schemes are available, too.

Types of Two-Tone Airsoft Guns

Two-tone guns vary greatly, from sniper rifles to pistols or shotguns. These can come in electric and gas variations; electric means the battery is used to power it, while gas ones run on propane or green gas to fire the BBs.

For those new to airsoft, starting with an electric gun is advisable. They are generally more affordable and easier to maintain compared to gas weapons.

One of the most favored two-tone airsoft guns is the M4, a replica of the American assault rifle, known for its reliability and adaptability in various airsoft scenarios.

How do I buy an Airsoft Two-Tone?

Choosing your two-tone option is straightforward. Simply select your preferred color from the provided selection box. The product image and price will update automatically to reflect your choice.

What Are Pre-Toned Airsoft Guns?

Pre-toned airsoft guns are painted with two-tone colors either by the manufacturer or the retailer. This is a good option for those who don't want to go through all of the trouble required in customizing their gun personally and need something that will come ready to roll to be 100% legal.

Two Tone Guns Service at Airsoft Station

Airsoft Station offers a wide variety of two-tone guns, providing customization services where users can choose their preferred models and colors. This service ensures compliance with local laws while allowing customization to meet personal preferences and needs.

Advantages of Using a Two-Tone Airsoft Gun

One of the biggest benefits of a two-tone airsoft gun is that it allows individuals to try out the sport without the need to join a club or association, making it easier and less costly to get started.

Airsoft Station offers a variety of two-tone guns

They also offer gun personalization services, which allow users to order their desired gun models as well as choose the colors of the guns. This complies strictly with local laws, but it will also allow for personal customization that suits one's preference and need.

What Colors Are Used?

As already said, two-tone guns use bright, easily identifiable colors, which is a legal requirement in many places. This is to add a fun and personalized touch to the game.

Why Can’t I Buy A Solid Colour Airsoft Gun?

In many regions, owning a solid color airsoft gun requires membership in a regulatory body like the UKARA to ensure the owner is aware of the responsibilities and legalities involved in owning a replica firearm.

Shop Airsoft Station for Your Top-Quality Two Tone Guns

The idea behind Airsoft Station is to provide all your quality two-tone airsoft gun requirements. From beginner through to pro, an extensive range of guns is available to suit everyone's needs.


Are two-tone airsoft guns legal?

Yes, in many places, two-tone airsoft guns are legal as they are clearly distinguishable from real firearms due to their coloration.

Do I need to be a member of UKARA to buy a two tone airsoft gun?

No, one of the benefits of two-tone guns is that you do not need to be a member of UKARA or other associations to purchase them.

Can I two-tone my own airsoft gun?

Yes, you can customize your airsoft gun to meet the two-tone requirements, but it's important to ensure the modifications comply with local laws.

Do I need a license to buy a two-tone airsoft gun?

No, you do not need a license to buy a two-tone airsoft gun. These are designed to be easily distinguishable from real firearms, making them accessible without the need for a special permit.

What Two Tone Colours Can I Use for My Airsoft Gun?

Real firearms are typically black, while two-tone airsoft guns come in various colors, including purple, orange, blue, red, and green.

As previously noted, UK law requires that at least 50% of a two-tone airsoft gun be brightly colored. The other 50% can be another color or black.

Many retailers prefer using orange and black because these colors are the most visible. However, you might also encounter other color combinations like those mentioned above.