What is BB Gun

BB guns are a type of air gun that is designed to fire metallic ball projectiles called BBs—round pellets with a copper or zinc coating. Powering these guns is done by the use of compressed air or gas, like CO2. They are made for games of entertainment and target practice since they are relatively low in power compared to other weapons.

The term "BB" probably came from the size designation of steel shots used in the mid-20th century. In fact, BB size once upon a time represented the size of a shot pellet between a B and BBB size. With time, that changed in it designating the standard size of round shot, 0.177 inches or 4.5 mm in diameter, which these guns deliver.

BB guns should not be confused with airsoft guns in which nonmetallic projectiles are shot and highly used in sport simulation in which players are engaged in mock combat with authentic military-style maneuvers and arms. BB guns are more functional for target practice since metal BBs cause more damage and normally are riskier for competitive sport due to the higher risk of injury.



What does the BB stand for in a BB gun?
While they would later be mistakenly called bearing balls, ball bearings, or bullet balls, the name actually refers to the size of shot intended for use within shotgun shells which were between the "B" and "BBB" sizes. The ammunition was produced and marketed by the Markham Air Rifle Company, the first company to produce BB guns with the release of one of the civilian-use air rifles in 1886. Daisy, of course, would later change the BB used in the rifle to a "round shot," but the name remained, having already been adopted by shooters.

Are BB guns safe?
Many of our customers started out with a BB gun like the popular Daisy Red Ryder and have built their collection to include firearm replicas from SIG Sauer or Glock. Shooting a BB gun is safe and enjoyable for many years. It is designed and equipped with many of the safety features that a real firearm is equipped with, including a safety. While a BB gun should not be used for self-defense, if mishandled or used improperly you can be injured from one. Remember, they are different from airsoft guns which are often safer because they use plastic bbs, not metal.

Remember, safe shooting practice is very important to any shooter, and a shooter uses it only for its intended purposes: plinking cans, firearm training, or even to allow young shooters to be taught the basics of shooting in a supervised environment.

When were BB guns first made?
Unfortunately, there is no clear record of when BB guns first became available; however, we do know that the technology to make one dates back to 1580 with the Bellows airgun. Airguns were regularly used for hunting from the 17th to the 19th centuries, and even the Austrian army employed the Girardoni air rifle during this period, reported to have ranged between 125 to 150 yards, and sometimes more.

Ultimately, it was the Markham Air Rifle Company that introduced the first spring-piston air rifle in 1886, designed to be used as a youth training gun. Then, two years later, the Plymouth Air Rifle Company, which later became known as Daisy, came out with their full metal air rifle that shot BBs.

The products are air-powered .177 cal BB guns and Crossbows. These are NOT AirSoft products and should never be used at an airsoft game!