Tokyo Marui Hi-Capa 5.1 Gas Blowback Airsoft Pistol, Black

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Tokyo Marui Hi Capa 5.1


Tokyo Marui Hi-Capa 5.1 Gas Blowback Airsoft Pistol

Tokyo Marui is widely considered the gold standard in airsoft pistols for extreme sports activities. This pistol is one of the most popular sidearms in all of Airsoft. Tokyo Marui has built an empire, notably in Japan, by producing some of the highest-performance replica airsoft guns on the market using the latest technology.

The Tokyo Marui provides excellent accuracy and precision for both leisure time training and high-speed competition. One of the reasons so many players share their four and five-star opinions about the pistol are the fact many manufacturers' products can be used with this gun. The company is credited with setting standards for parts compatibility between many different manufacturers.

Any question about compatibility can be researched through data showing Tokyo Marui sets strict manufacturing tolerances and specifications for other brands to use. This means the customer can personalize and customize their pistol and kit however they want. It's all a question of personal style and preference. 

Japanese-made Tokyo Marui products are typically all high-quality polymer and metal construction. They're famed for being incredibly accurate with a hop-up unit giving great range right out of the box (50m) With its sturdy ABS plastic build there's a huge number and variety of aftermarket parts available to beautifully customize the gun.

It's easy to disassemble and the color comes in a golden finish, it stands out in its field of Airsoft weaponry.

The newest models of rifles generally have full metal externals. Rechargeable batteries deliver excellent performance powering the internal gearboxes of these guns.

While extremely durable to Japanese airsoft standards and using 134a gas propellant, the use of Green Gas in the American market will cause increased wear and tear on the slide and blowback parts.

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For the Tokyo Marui pistol, it's recommended the customer use 134a gas or consider upgrading to TM-compatible metal blowback parts and/or slide assembly for this frame.

Note the design that's making putting U.S. airsoft extreme sporting weapons in the news as players seek out more Tokyo Mauri pistols, ammunition, barrels, and cylinders at great pricing through web site Airsoft station. The product, information, customer service, and available parts all come at a price that can't be beat. Including free shipping!

Before heading out for a shooting game you'll also want to be certain you have the magazine and cylinders needed for best success.

The stock internal build is masterfully manufactured to provide good air seal and accuracy as well as consistent performance while target shooting or in a skirmish.

It has a 6.05 diameter inner barrel with a small spring. This means great stability during rapid fire. The Tokyo Marui hop-unit along with hop-up rubber and o-ring eliminate air leaks. 

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Power Source:
Green Gas
Canada Compliant:
300 FPS w/ 0.20g BBs
235mm (9")
Included Magazine:
31 Rounds
Tokyo Marui
Package Includes:
Gun, Magazine, Manual
Yes - Adjustable
Magazine Model Number:
30 Day Warranty & Return

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