Polarstar UGS Type 1 33g CO2 Milspec RS Spec Stock, Black

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Upgrade your airsoft rifle with the Polarstar UGS (Universal Gas Stock) Type 1 33g CO2 Milspec RS Spec Stock, a state-of-the-art solution for players seeking the best in high-pressure air (HPA) performance without the cumbersome external air rig. This black milspec RS spec stock is engineered to perfection, catering to a versatile array of HPA cylinder systems, including the F2, F1, Jack, and Kythera.

Polarstar, known for its premium quality and cutting-edge designs, offers this UGS stock with an impressive minimum output pressure of 40 PSI and a maximum of 130 PSI, making it suitable for a variety of play styles and preferences. The stock is robust enough to handle a max input pressure of up to 900 PSI, accommodating standard output HPA tanks and specially recommended SLP (Super Low Pressure) tanks.

Convenience is key with this unit – it interfaces seamlessly with a standard 6mm outer diameter and 4mm inner diameter airline, ensuring a secure and reliable connection. Designed for 12g CO2 cartridges, the Polarstar UGS Type 1 stock enables you to maintain peak performance throughout your airsoft battles.

Not only is the Polarstar UGS stock high-performing, it also boasts a quick and simple zip-tie lockout mechanism, a tournament lock feature for compliance in competitive play. Maintenance is a breeze thanks to its minimalist internal design, which uses just two o-rings, significantly reducing the potential for leaks and wear over time.

Note that this model is not compatible with the Polarstar Fusion Engine, but it integrates smoothly with many other HPA cylinder systems. Whether you're a weekend skirmisher or a competitive player, the Polarstar UGS Type 1 CO2 Milspec RS Spec Stock is your key to a powerful, streamlined airsoft experience. Secure yours today at Airsoft Station and feel the power and precision that Polarstar brings to the field.


  • High-Performance HPA System Integration without External Air Rig Requirements
  • Maintains Traditional AR-15 Stock Functionality and Appearance
  • Compact Regulator Design Matching Larger Systems' Performance
  • High Max Input Pressure Acceptance up to 900 PSI for Versatility with HPA or SLP Tanks (SLP Recommended)
  • Fits Standard 2-inch Diameter HPA Tanks for Convenient Compatibility
  • Tournament Lock Capability via Simple Zip-tie Mechanism
  • Minimal O-ring Usage Ensures Enhanced Reliability and Simplified Maintenance
  • Exclusively Compatible with Polarstar Systems, Excluding the Fusion Engine
F2, F1, Jack, Kythera and other similar HPA cylinder systems
Package Includes:
1x Stock Rail, 1x CO2 Insert
30 Day Return & Warranty

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