PolarStar Airsoft F2 V2 Conversion Kit for G&G SR25

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The G&G SR25 is an AR-15-based designated marksman rifle that still manages to fire in full-automatic for situations that require it. However, if you’re not impressed with the stock hardware, you can opt to give it this PolarStar F2 V2 conversion kit. This accessory will help transform your gun into an entirely different beast.

Based on the company’s Fusion Engine product, the F2 has a dual solenoid design. The unique design allows for the nozzle and poppet valve to be adjusted apart from each other. With this perk, you can control the rifle’s loading time and air volume used in firing.

The above feature also controls the firing sequence and operates in closed bolt or AEG mode. The F2’s poppet valve can work at lower pressures and still propel BBs efficiently.

As for the spring-loaded nozzle, it has a spring-biased forward to achieve variable velocities. Anything between 45psi to 145psi is possible. Thus, you can use it for compact rifles or turn it up to hit enemies at mid-range. 

With these two components, your SR25 can hit harder at longer ranges. If low-powered AEGs are required, you can adjust the muzzle velocity beforehand and still use the high-quality accessory in your gun. No need to swap rifles or install another cylinder.

Before firing, the cylinder will first stabilize the BB in the chamber, and it even removes BB spin when you pull the trigger. As the BB doesn’t spin randomly, your shots won’t veer into strange directions at range, which improves the sniping experience.

No better accessory can compete with the F2 V2 Conversion Kit on the current market. You’ll be hard-pressed to find anything else that can come close.


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