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KJW M700 Gas Airsoft Rifle - left side view

KJW M700 Gas Airsoft Rifle

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  • Product Description

    The KJW M700 Gas Powered Sniper Rifle is a favored platform by many who choose to play the role of sniper. This gun is a huge step in the right direction for KJW as it shoots harder, straighter, and is more reliable than past models. The actions and specifications on this gun are very realistic, closely resembling the real tactical sniper rifles used by SWAT and police forces world-wide. The magazine cannot be released unless the bolt has been pulled back. The hammer resets as soon as the bolt has been pulled up, and the hammer indicator on the back of the bolt is functional for safety purposes. Not only does this rifle perform like the real thing and look fantastic, it’s very functional too. The rear sight is adjustable for wind change and elevation, or you can remove it altogether to make way for a scope to be mounted on the rail beneath it. The front iron sight is also attached to the gun via dovetail mount, and can be removed if needed. There are multiple studs for sling and bipod attachment, allowing you maneuver and carry this rifle with ease despite its 9 lb. solid heavyweight construction. Unlike traditional spring powered bolt action rifles, the KJW M700 is gas powered which allows the bolt to cycle smoothy and almost effortlessly just like a real bolt action rifle; this allows for quick follow-up shots in target rich environments. An added bonus of this gun being gas powered, this gun features a full length inner barrel which starts closer to the breach compared to spring piston rifles where you lose several inches of barrel length for more complicated internals. Also, the hop-up is adjustable to accommodate for different BB weight and for range accuracy. The longer barrel combined with the higher air volume of this rifles gas system results in amazing power, range, accuracy, and consistency. The KJW M700 Gas Sniper Rifle is the perfect fit for players looking for a bit more “kick” than the usual spring powered snipers, without having to break the bank.


    • Color: Black
    • 450-500 FPS (0.20g BB)
    • Magazine: 10 rds.
    • Gas Powered (Green Gas/ Propane)
    • Full Metal Body & Barrel
    • Smooth Bolt Action
    • Inner Barrel: 555mm
    • High Quality, Textured Polymer Stock
    • Ultra-light Wide Durable Metal Trigger
    • Adjustable Iron Sights
    • Adjustable Hop-up
    • Safe/Semi
    • Longer Inner Barrel for Increased Power/Accuracy
  • Warranty Information

    30 Day Return/ 30 Day Warranty

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  • Other Details

    Velocity: 500
    Power Source: Green Gas