GATE TITAN V2 Expert Module, Rear Wired

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Elevate your airsoft experience with the GATE TITAN V2 Expert Module, a cutting-edge upgrade designed for the most demanding players. Manufactured by GATE, a leader in airsoft technology, this module is a testament to precision engineering and high-quality performance.

The GATE TITAN V2 Expert Module is a rear-wired powerhouse, ensuring seamless integration with your airsoft setup. With a supply voltage range of 3.75-17 V, it's versatile and adaptable to various power sources. The module's current consumption is impressively low at 24 mA, making it an energy-efficient choice for extended gameplay. Additionally, its low power mode consumes only 280 µA, further enhancing its efficiency.

Measuring 47.4 x 28.7 x 13.5 mm, the GATE TITAN V2 is compact yet robust. Its finished product weight of 27.6 g makes it a lightweight addition to your gear, ensuring no extra burden during intense matches. The module is designed to withstand diverse environmental conditions, with an operating temperature range of -15°C to +50°C and a relative humidity tolerance of ≤ 80%. These features make it a reliable companion in various airsoft scenarios, from cold morning skirmishes to heated summer battles.

The GATE TITAN V2 Expert Module is not just about technical specifications. It's about enhancing your airsoft experience with precision, reliability, and advanced technology. Whether you're a seasoned player or just starting, this module will take your game to the next level. Invest in the GATE TITAN V2 Expert Module and experience the difference in your next airsoft challenge.


  • Five optical sensors for customizable trigger sensitivity, adjustable via GATE Control Station App without AEG disassembly.
  • Two selector sensors offering numerous mode variations including SAFE, SEMI, BINARY, BURST (Full/Interruptible), BURST/AUTO, AUTO, and SEMI RAMPING.
  • 2-Stage Trigger functionality allowing different sensitivities for SEMI/BURST and BURST/AUTO fire modes.
  • Pre-Cocking in AUTO and MANUAL modes for quicker trigger response, simulating real firearm mechanics.
  • Magazine capacity simulation feature for realistic gameplay, adjustable from 1 to 250 BBs.
  • Series Safety Limit to set a maximum number of BBs per series, preventing trigger jams with emergency selector switch stop.
  • Sniper Delay setting to customize shot or series delay, enhancing realism.
  • Smart Trigger technology for rapid first shot response, ideal for high-voltage batteries.
  • Comprehensive battery protection and warnings, including over-discharge protection and low battery vibration alerts.
  • Active Brake with cycle detection for complete gear cycles, automatic burst, and pre-cocking adjustments.
  • Notification settings customization for enabling or disabling vibration alerts.
  • In-depth diagnostics for real-time troubleshooting via the GCS App.
  • Online firmware update capability for accessing the latest features and fixes.
  • Smart Fuse protection against overheating, overloading, and short-circuiting, including reverse battery connection safety.
  • MOSFET integration for enhanced ROF and trigger response, bypassing mechanical trigger contacts.
  • Built-in self-test feature for quick functionality checks and troubleshooting assistance.
  • Military Specification MIL-V-173C conformal coating for resistance to atmospheric conditions.
  • Compatibility with up to 14.8 V Li-Po batteries, supporting a wide voltage range.
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