GATE PULSAR D HPA Engine with TITAN II Bluetooth, Front Wired

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Introducing the EMG GATE PULSAR D HPA Engine with TITAN II Bluetooth, Front Wired - the epitome of airsoft control, efficiency, and customization. The distinguished GATE PULSAR D HPA Engine from EMG is an unparalleled piece of technology designed for the airsoft enthusiast who demands precision, adaptability, and cutting-edge features in their gear.

With supply voltage range from 5-8.6 VDC and a judicious rated current of 10 A, this engine ensures optimized energy usage, keeping your focus on the game and not on your power levels. The connectivity leverages Bluetooth® 5.2 Low Energy technology, offering stable and robust linkage to control and customization apps or devices, thereby offering the user intricate control over their weapon like never before.

Delicately crafted and smartly designed, the EMG PULSAR D, with dimensions 47.2mm x 28.9mm x 14.5mm and a weight of just 28.2g, boasts an unintrusive yet potent presence within your weaponry. Weathering through various environmental conditions, it can operate effectively between -15° C and +50° C and sustains performance at a relative humidity of up to 80%.

GATE PULSAR brings the future of airsoft to your fingertips with selectable fire modes, sophisticated ROF controls, and a multitude of additional features, ensuring that your gear is as ready for battle as you are. Be it preserving battery life with a low-power mode of just 100 µA, to personalized sniping delays, every inch of your experience is under your command, making every shot, every burst, and every manoeuvre precisely yours.

Trust in the EMG GATE PULSAR D to elevate your gameplay, ensuring that each strategic decision is matched by unyielding performance and unrivalled control from your weaponry. Step into the future of airsoft, where every pull of the trigger is dictated by you.


  • Dual sensitivity 2-Stage Trigger for varied fire controls
  • Numerous selector modes providing varied firing options
  • Magazine simulation for realistic ammo capacity
  • Series Safety Limit to cap BBs per series
  • Adjustable Sniper Delay between shots or series
  • Customizable ROF control for tailored shooting experience
  • Smart Trigger enhances first-shot response time
  • Battery protection and low battery warnings
  • Equalizer for quicker consecutive shots with less trigger release
  • Comprehensive diagnostics for effective troubleshooting
  • Built-in self-test for quick module functionality check
  • Conformal coating for resistance against atmospheric conditions
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