Dye i4/i5 Thermal Lens

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Enhance your airsoft experience with the Dye i4/i5 Dyetanium Thermal Lens, a perfect combination of style and functionality. This high-quality lens is compatible with both Dye i4 and i5 series face masks, ensuring a perfect fit for your airsoft gear. The lens comes in a variety of striking colors - Dyetanium Smoke/Gold, Dyetanium Fade Sunrise, Dyetanium Blue Ice, and Dyetanium Smoke/Bronze Fire, each designed to suit your style and playing conditions.

Crafted from durable materials, the Dye i4/i5 Dyetanium Thermal Lens is built to withstand the rigors of airsoft combat. The thermal design prevents fogging, ensuring clear vision in all weather conditions, a crucial factor for performance and safety on the field. This feature is especially beneficial in high-adrenaline situations where clarity of vision is paramount.

The unique Dyetanium coating not only adds an aesthetic edge to your mask but also enhances visibility. This specialized coating reduces glare and provides better contrast, allowing you to spot opponents more easily. Whether you're in a bright, sunny environment or a darker, shaded area, these lenses adapt to your surroundings, giving you a competitive edge.

Each color option offers its unique advantage - Smoke/Gold for sunny days, Fade Sunrise for a dramatic look, Blue Ice for a cool aesthetic, and Smoke/Bronze Fire for an intense, fiery appearance. This customization allows airsoft enthusiasts to personalize their gear to reflect their individuality on the battlefield.

Easy to install, the Dye i4/i5 Dyetanium Thermal Lens is a must-have upgrade for any serious airsoft player. Whether you are a weekend warrior or a competitive player, these lenses provide both the functionality and the style you need to stand out and perform at your best.


  • Dyetanium lenses enhance field vision with specialized tints and coatings suitable for varied lighting and weather conditions.
  • Horizon Peripheral Vision technology in i4 goggles offers unmatched peripheral vision, surpassing other masks in market visibility.
  • Durable HARDCOAT scratch-resistant coating on both lens sides, coupled with UV protection to shield against sun damage.
  • Advanced Anti-fog Thermal Lens feature in i4 models, providing optimal vertical and horizontal peripheral vision with industry-leading anti-fog capabilities.
  • Exceptional optical clarity across all Invision lenses, setting high standards for visual performance and eye comfort.
  • Revolutionary Rapid Lens Change system in the i4, enabling lens replacements in under ten seconds with a simple push-and-slide mechanism.
For Dye i4 and i5 Series Face Masks
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