Daisy Powerline 340 Spring Single Action 0.177 Cal Air Pistol, Black

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While the markings on the Daisy Powerline 340 don’t say so, many shooting enthusiasts will know that it’s based on the Beretta 92 pistol, commonly known in the U.S. as the M9. This air pistol copy is designed to help M9 owners train with the platform without spending too much on ammunition. Practically everything else is identical to the firearm.
The Daisy Powerline 340 weighs and feels almost like the real thing. Unlike many air pistols, this gun uses a spring piston. You don’t need to buy CO2 cartridges frequently, though a spring replacement is always necessary after a long time.
The magazine holds 13 rounds but is connected to a reservoir of 200 shots. This air pistol can’t fire pellets and should never be loaded with anything else but .177 caliber BBs.
Unlike the original M9, this replica is single-action only. Cocking the hammer is necessary before shooting, while the real gun can shoot in double- and single-action.
All controls, such as the magazine release, hammer, and safety catch, are functional and work similarly to the firearm. You must pull back on the slide to cock the gun for each shot.


  • Employs a robust spring-piston mechanism, ensuring durable and consistent performance.
  • Functions as a repeater, allowing for rapid firing and improved shooting experience.
  • Features a substantial 200rd BB reservoir and a convenient 13rd BB Speedload clip for extended use between reloads.
  • Equipped with fixed front and rear sights to enhance accuracy and targeting.
  • Offers a manual safety feature to promote responsible and secure handling.
  • Operates in single-action mode, providing a straightforward and effective user experience.
  • Designed with textured grip panels for enhanced handling and control during use.
Power Source:
240 FPS w/ 0.177 Cal Steel BBs
Included Magazine:
13 Rounds
30 Day Return & Warranty

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